Announcing the Supply Chains to Admire 2017

Not all analyst groups are created equal. Research is at the heart of what we do. We publish four types of reports and provide it as Open Content for the industry. Our goal is to help supply chain leaders globally. The report types are: Supply Chains to Admire: A deep study by industry of performance and improvement levels for the past seven years. The goal is to provide industry benchmarks. Metrics That Matter: A close look at key industries to

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I Left My Job

Recently I left a company after 14 years of service. That’s a long time to be at the same place, and it’s uncommon. I experienced multiple changes in leadership, structure, focus, and strategy. During times of change, I soaked up every scrap of a lesson that I could scrounge. During stable times, I knocked out some of the ideas I had accumulated, those “wish I had the time for this” projects. I hired several “generations” of entry- and near entry-level

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Building the Network of Networks. Call for Action. Want to Help?

In the 1980s commercial internet providers evolved. In 2001 Steve Jobs put 1000 songs in our pocket.  And steadily, over the last three decades, mobile phones changed the pace of business. In the process, the banks got bigger and business networks grew more complex. In the last decade social networks and new business models evolved. eCommerce and electronic shopping carts drove new forms of commerce. It lifted all boats in our personal lives. However, this is not the case for

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Disrupting in the Midst of Disruption

We are continuing to break the mold to help supply chain visionaries gain first-mover advantage. While other analyst firms put their research behind paywalls, we set it free. We want everyone around the globe to use our research freely and openly. Through our research panels—using LinkedIn and Twitter—we now have a database of over 6500 respondents. Our philosophy is “When companies give to us by participating in our surveys, we give to them through open, shared content.” We do this

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First Class Ready!

On May 7, 2016 we announced a partnership with CorpU for next-generation supply chain learning. Today our first course, Supply Chain Metrics That Matter, is ready for sale. The development is complete. The other courses, designed as fast sprints, are currently in development. The full course catalog will be complete by the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. (Stop by on September 7, 2016 and test them out in the Digital Showcase.) The other six courses are being tested by ambassadors.

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Building Talent: A New Approach

You are running hard. As a supply chain leader you want your team to make progress and outpace the pack. One of the toughest challenges for the supply chain leader is building and retaining talent. Managing a global supply chain team today is not easy. We find that 59% of companies are experiencing issues in training and retaining mid-management talent. One in three companies have open jobs that are taking nine to twelve months to fill. Talent is scarce and

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