Kinaxis and Autism at Work

An interview with John Sicard, CEO of Kinaxis. In this podcast John shares insights on the Kinaxis Autism at Work Program. Not a charity program, the Kinaxis Autism at Work program is a fundamental plank of the Kinaxis diversity program. Here John shares how he is committed to diversity and how autistic adults are contributing […]

The World of Gray. The World of Black. Bridging the Two to Drive Growth.

No two supply chains are exactly alike and supply chain management is certainly not just black and white. Yet many companies have not perfected how to operate in “The World of Gray.” In this podcast episode, inspired by her Shaman’s Blog post, Lora explains the importance of supply chain leaders’ ability to bridge the gap […]

Is IT Standardization Killing Your Growth Agenda?

IT standardization has been a popular strategy to manage investment and operations, but is it really the best thing for your business? In this podcast Lora and Alison discuss the possibility that departing from the IT norm could be the best thing for your business and your team. Listen in to hear about the implications […]

Customer Centricity – What Is It and How Do You Get There?

Customer centricity is a an old concept with new life. Organizations around the world have committed to a customer centric strategy, but few have defined it and fewer know how to analyze their results.  In this podcast, Lora and Alison discuss the different ways to structure a customer centric supply chain and how to interpret […]

Is Honeywell Really Going to Acquire JDA?

There are rumors swirling about a potential acquisition of JDA by Honeywell.  In a recent LinkedIn blog post, Why I Believe Honeywell’s Proposed Acquisition of JDA Is a BAD Idea, Lora addresses those rumors, and what it could mean for the market.  In this episode we delve into more granular details about what this could mean […]

Royal FloraHolland: A Flower Market for the World with Edwin Wenink

At the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit (September 7-9, 2016) supply chain leaders will be ideating on new business models as they develop their vision of Supply Chain 2030. Edwin Wenink, Program Director at FloraHolland, is leading this effort for one of the world’s largest flower auctions. In 1911 growers decided to combine forces to […]

The Giving Supply Chain with Melis Jones

Companies want to drive social giving programs to help emerging economies and grant aid in disasters. However, in the design of the giving supply chain, there is a right way and a wrong way to help. Join this podcast to gain insights from the twenty-year veteran Melis Jones, former board member of Aid Matrix, on […]