Announcing the Supply Chains to Admire 2017

Not all analyst groups are created equal. Research is at the heart of what we do. We publish four types of reports and provide it as Open Content for the industry. Our goal is to help supply chain leaders globally. The report types are:

  1. Supply Chains to Admire: A deep study by industry of performance and improvement levels for the past seven years. The goal is to provide industry benchmarks.
  2. Metrics That Matter: A close look at key industries to help supply chain leaders better understand the Supply Chain Metrics That Matter. The focus is to align financial and operational teams on metric performance.
  3. Putting Together the Pieces: An analysis of an industry software category. We believe that industry analysis requires more thought than a 2 X 2 matrix. Through these reports, we help companies select technologies.
  4. Quantitative Research on Next-Generational Processes: Each year we fund and conduct 10-15 studies. These are designed to provide insights on key topics.

We have now published over 100 reports. They are all available as Open Content research for the global supply chain community.

Today we published our fourth Supply Chains to Admire report. We start the process in March when full-year financial reporting is available for the prior year. This analysis is a study of improvement, value and performance of companies against an industry peer group. This year we analyzed 495 companies in 31 industries. The methodology is outlined in Figure 1, and the full report is available here.

Figure 1. High-Level Overview of the Supply Chains to Admire

2017 Supply Chains to Admire Overview

The winners of the analysis are outlined in Figure 2.

Figure 2. The 2017 Supply Chains to Admire Award Winners

Supply Chains to Admire 2017 - Winners Circle

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