2016: A New Year and a New Beginning

Supply Chain Insights is now four years old. The company was created in February 2012. At our core we are actively trying to redefine the analyst model to be friendlier, more insightful, and complete for the supply chain leader. We endorse the concepts of open content, and share research as we build it through newsletters, a global community, our annual event and social media. At a principle level we believe that when people give to us that we should give

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A Personal Invitation

Today, I am excited to announce the launch of a community to help the supply chain professional. The community is open, available for all to share content, and engage in two-way dialogue in a meaningful way. Over the last six months we have pre-populated content—videos, podcasts, infographics, maturity models, and research studies—to spark impactful conversations. The community is currently in Open Beta. What does this mean? We are refining the workflows and functionality of this community, and we need your

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Driving Research Excellence

Pumpkin lattes. Colored leaves lining the streets. Frost on the car windows in the morning. No doubt about it, fall is here. I love the crisp air and blue skies of fall. For me, the fall season is a good time to reflect and start new things.  The rhythm of starting new things in September started for me in my school days. I was always excited when it was time to go back to school. I am stimulated by learning.

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Three Years. Where Have They Gone?

Three years. Six employees. One focus: to create content for supply chain visionaries.   And we’re celebrating our third birthday by giving all of you a present. It is the gift of content. Nine out of ten companies are stuck: unable to make progress on a portfolio of supply chain metrics. We want to help. To us, content takes many forms: podcasts, videos, books, events and active networking. We want to make content accessible in order to support line-of-business executives charged

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The Book Is Out!

After nine months of writing, four months of editing and three years of research, the book Supply Chain Metrics That Matter sits on my shelf. It is designed to be used by a team looking to define supply chain excellence. The book is a story. The main character in the book is a well-intending supply chain leader named Joe. He does not want to be an ‘average Joe’; instead, he is driven to create excellence in his newly formed supply

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Starting 2015 on the Right Foot

Starting a company is not easy. It is even more challenging when it is a new business model. This is the story of Supply Chain Insights. We are committed to helping supply chain visionaries gain first-mover advantage through research insights. Forging a new direction and building a research model using open content is challenging. We don’t aspire to be consultants and the analyst model is not universally understood, but we will soon be three years old. We have survived our

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