Using the ongoing research, Lora Cecere is a frequent speaker for business conferences. Some potential topics are:

Supply Chains to Admire

The list of the Supply Chains to Admire is based on four years of research on balance sheet and income metrics to determine what is possible and define which companies are driving the greatest success

Metrics that Matter

In this presentation Lora will share insights on which metrics matter and how the management of a balanced portfolio drives a higher level of market value. This presentation is ideal for a cross-functional team struggling with which metrics to choose, how to determine the targets, and with change, what rate of performance improvement is possible.

Making the Digital Pivot

Digital supply chains are outside-in, building on a confluence of technologies. While the list of new and promising technologies goes on and on, the question is how to best use them. In this presentation Lora describes how companies use these technologies to drive new levels of improvement in corporate performance.

The Race for Supply Chain 2030:
How to Build Next-Generation Supply Chain Capabilities

What does the future of supply chain management look like? How should companies prepare? Gain insights on how technologies are changing and what this means for process innovation and the design of organizational teams.

Customer Feedback

F4SS Conference: Feedback from the user evaluations

Best speaker of the day, lots of energy. Different perspective that most companies are not in tune with.

Great presentation and energy, new way of looking at communication and customer feedback.

Very provocative subject. Out of the box. Great presenter.

Presentation and info blew me away- excellent presentation