The Digital Supply Chain: Making the Leap with a Ball and Chain

Supply Chain Insights Founder Lora Cecere discusses the digital future of supply chain and why it matters in this podcast.  While many companies want to start down a digital path, they may not know the steps to take.  Listen to this podcast to get a clearer understanding of why this matters to your business and […]

A Personal Invitation

Today, I am excited to announce the launch of a community to help the supply chain professional. The community is open, available for all to share content, and engage in two-way dialogue in a meaningful way. Over the last six months we have pre-populated content—videos, podcasts, infographics, maturity models, and research studies—to spark impactful conversations. […]

Smart, Collaborative Robotics with Jim Lawton of Rethink Robotics

Lora talks with Jim Lawton, Chief Product and Marketing Officer of Rethink Robotics, about the introduction of robotics as part of a manufacturing supply chain.  Rethink Robotics have developed collaborative robots, Baxter and Sawyer, to work alongside humans and are making the supply chain more agile, responsive and able to ebb and flow with demand. […]

Inventory Management

Over the past decade, optimization capabilities in supply chain systems have evolved to improve outcomes; however, very few companies have been able to drive in both inventory and supply chain costs. As a result, we find in our research that nine out of ten companies are stuck at the intersection of inventory turns and operating […]

Supply Chain Centers of Excellence

Forty percent of companies have a supply chain center of excellence but only one third of them are successful.  Our research is nearly done and we want to share with you some of the findings.  Why you need one, how to get started, and how to make it successful.  Lora Cecere, founder of Supply Chain […]