Embracing the Art of the Possible

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2022 Analytics Report – v5.0 Abstract Analytics means different things to different people. Today, only one in two business leaders are satisfied with their ability to use analytics. Getting the correct data in a usable form to make decisions at the speed of business is a barrier for 76% of respondents surveyed. Available data and […]

Building the Digital Supply Chain

Lora Cecere’s insights on building the digital supply chain. Listen to this episode to learn about the technology shifts that Lora feels are driving digital innovation. Here Lora shares her learnings from working with five companies on digital innovation. Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights – Podcast episode #235

Cognitive Computing for Sourcing with Richard Barnett of LevaData Inc.

Cognitive computing is transforming digital supply chain capabilities. In this episode, we interview Richard Barnett, SVP of LevaData Inc. on the application of machine learning and cognitive computing for sourcing. Richard’s focus is on change transformation and building organizations that can use new forms of analytics. Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights – Podcast episode #230

The Digital Transformation Drinking Game

New technologies crop up all the time, but how do we choose which ones will work or not? More importantly, how do we decide which ones work for our companies? It’s a game of trial-and-error in many cases and it is important to take caution not to get wrapped up and punch drunk on new technologies […]

Blockchain and Cognitive Computing – 17 Use Cases

Helen King, Marketing Manager at Supply Chain Insights, interviews the company’s Founder, Lora Cecere, and discusses two recent blog posts penned by Lora. Among the two posts Lora describes 17 use cases for new technologies associated with Blockchain, and cognitive computing. The blog posts, which are available on her supplychainshaman.com web site, are: “Seven Use […]

Is IT Standardization Killing Your Growth Agenda?

IT standardization has been a popular strategy to manage investment and operations, but is it really the best thing for your business? In this podcast Lora and Alison discuss the possibility that departing from the IT norm could be the best thing for your business and your team. Listen in to hear about the implications […]

Using Analytics: Think Global While Acting Locally with Donal Mac Daid of Symphony Gold

Donal Mac Daid is Vice President of Marketing Supply Chain for Symphony GOLD. His global responsibilities include Symphony GOLD’s supply chain brand innovation, definition, positioning and evolution. In this episode, we ask Donal to share his thoughts on how to use analytics to sense and act globally while driving a local, or regional, response. Analytics […]

Figuring Out New Forms of Analytics

Using unstructured and streaming data is a brave new world. The possibilities of data variety and velocity to improve supply chain management are an exciting option for supply chains to better understand their business. In this podcast Alison Crawford talks with Lora about the new Supply Chain Shaman blog post Trying to Figure Out New […]

Tell It Like It Is. What Will Supply Chain 2030 Look Like?

In this episode of Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights, Alison Crawford, Director of Marketing talks with Supply Chain Insights founder Lora Cecere about her recent LinkedIn Influencer blog post, Tell It Like It Is. What Will Supply Chain 2030 Look Like?  In her post, Lora discusses how the supply chain she started her career […]