First Class Ready!

On May 7, 2016 we announced a partnership with CorpU for next-generation supply chain learning. Today our first course, Supply Chain Metrics That Matter, is ready for sale. The development is complete. The other courses, designed as fast sprints, are currently in development. The full course catalog will be complete by the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. (Stop by on September 7, 2016 and test them out in the Digital Showcase.)
The other six courses are being tested by ambassadors. In the ambassador program, companies get a complimentary license to test the program and give us feedback in the early rollout phase. Each course will have 5-7 ambassadors with cohorts up to 50 employees per course. The ambassador slots are limited on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The seven courses currently in joint development between CorpU and Supply Chain Insights are:

  1. Supply Chain Metrics That Matter. Most companies are working on a cost-driven agenda. How can they shift and drive value? Improve the metrics that matter on the balance sheet? In this course we explain this journey and help supply chain teams to speak the language of the balance sheet with an understanding of how their actions drive business results.
  2. Making the Digital Pivot. Supply chains are not equipped to sense, think, and respond intelligently through digitized relationships which provide new sources of data and insight. The digital pivot shifts the focus to outside-in. Extreme connectivity and in-memory analytics enables the redesign of the atoms and electrons of the supply chain. Build a guiding coalition to drive a digital supply chain to connect it through machine-to-machine and machine-to-human interactions.
  3. Building the Customer-Centric Supply Chain. To drive growth, supply chains must align the customer response into operations to reflect custom and customer segmentation policies, and so that they can align measures such as cost-to-serve with profitability. Build the organizational muscle to take supply chain segmentation into policy and execution.
  4. The Market-Driven Value Network Journey. The traditional supply chain is supply centric. As companies deploy growth strategies they need to rethink the principles of demand, become demand-driven, and mature relationships to market-driven orchestration. In this training catalyst you’ll define a demand glossary and a go-forward plan for the supply chain team to manage demand flows.
  5. End-to-End Supply Chain Orchestration. Spreadsheets and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) tools are no longer sufficient to create visibility across the extended value chain, manage planning and unstructured data, or to enable hands-free capabilities to get the right data to the right person at the right time. In this class the team builds an end-to-end journey.
  6. Driving Improvement in Decision Making Through Supply Chain Planning. Supply chain teams must synchronize 4 planning layers – strategic, tactical, operational and executional – but most tools were implemented within functions without a holistic view, making this synchronization impossible. In this program learn how to build a supply chain planning roadmap and define the organizational structure. Through this training your team will recognize what makes a good plan and build processes for evolution.
  7. Building Agility Through Horizontal Processes Like S&OP, Supplier Development and Revenue Management. Sales & Operations Planning processes are not maturing fast enough to support an organization’s growth objectives, and must shift from matching demand with supply at a volumetric level, to maximizing profitability and orchestrating plans that can shift with markets. This course helps to define the concepts for action for the organization.

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Next year, we will add gamification and two more courses. Grow with us, get the details today! If you are interested in partnering with us and being an ambassador, please contact us by sending Regina Denman, Director of Client Services, an email at to sign up.

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