The Digital Transformation Drinking Game

New technologies crop up all the time, but how do we choose which ones will work or not? More importantly, how do we decide which ones work for our companies? It’s a game of trial-and-error in many cases and it is important to take caution not to get wrapped up and punch drunk on new technologies […]

Making the Digital Pivot: Embracing the Autonomous Supply Chain

Making the Digital Pivot: Embracing the Autonomous Supply Chain with Jeremiah Owyang – CEO of Crowd Companies In this episode with Jeremiah Owyang, we discuss the evolution of the autonomous supply chain and the building of the collaborative economy. As supply chains shift from the delivery of products to providing services, and organizational alignment shifts […]

How to Make the Digital Pivot with Mick Jones, Formerly with Lenovo

Today supply chain leaders are managing four generations of employees and are confronting a unique time when the fundamentals of technologies and processes are changing. Join this podcast with Mick Jones, Prior SVP of Supply Chain at Lenovo. In this podcast, Mick reflects on what he has learned about the building of a digital strategy and […]

Building Talent: A New Approach

You are running hard. As a supply chain leader you want your team to make progress and outpace the pack. One of the toughest challenges for the supply chain leader is building and retaining talent. Managing a global supply chain team today is not easy. We find that 59% of companies are experiencing issues in […]