The 2017 Supply Chains to Admire

Defining supply chain excellence is easier to say than to do. The Supply Chains to AdmireTM Methodology is an attempt by Supply Chain Insights to identify companies within peer groups that outperform. In this episode of Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights, Helen and Lora talk with special guest Samuel Borthwick, Research Associate at Supply Chain Insights, about […]


Everyone talks about diversity, but are we walking the walk, or have we become content with the changes and advancements that have been made in the past 40 years? In this episode of Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights Lora reflects on her experiences from the start of her career concerning diversity in supply chain, […]

Research and Lies

In this podcast Helen King, Supply Chain Insights’ Marketing Manager, interviews Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, on research insights and lessons learned as an analyst. During this interview Lora shares the truth about mistakes she’s made and on giving advice she now knows is untrue. Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights – Podcast […]

A Personal Invitation

Today, I am excited to announce the launch of a community to help the supply chain professional. The community is open, available for all to share content, and engage in two-way dialogue in a meaningful way. Over the last six months we have pre-populated content—videos, podcasts, infographics, maturity models, and research studies—to spark impactful conversations. […]

Driving Research Excellence

Pumpkin lattes. Colored leaves lining the streets. Frost on the car windows in the morning. No doubt about it, fall is here. I love the crisp air and blue skies of fall. For me, the fall season is a good time to reflect and start new things.  The rhythm of starting new things in September […]

Supply Chain Centers of Excellence

Forty percent of companies have a supply chain center of excellence but only one third of them are successful.  Our research is nearly done and we want to share with you some of the findings.  Why you need one, how to get started, and how to make it successful.  Lora Cecere, founder of Supply Chain […]

The Research Difference

Before I start this blog, you need to know that I am a self-confessed research snob. I take it seriously and have high standards. I have been doing supply chain research for the past nine years. It sounds easier than it is. I have learned a lot on this journey. There are a lot of nuances. […]