Pandemic Report

Navigating the Supply Chain Through the Pandemic

Objective   Quantitative research on lessons learned by supply chain leaders during the pandemic. Summary   We designed the research to answer four questions. Did innovative companies perform better during the pandemic? Yes, mid-way through the pandemic in September-October 2020, a more innovative manufacturing company rated themselves significantly better on agility and responsiveness at an 80% […]

Insights From the 2018 Supply Chains to Admire Analysis

Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, share insights on her learnings from the 2018 Supply Chains to Admire analysis. This analysis of 655 companies was completed in June 2018 and reveals which companies are outperforming while driving improvement by industry peer group. Here Lora talks about what she is learning through this research. Supply […]

Five Reasons We Are Losing Ground on Inventory

In this episode, Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, discusses the five reasons why we are not making more progress on inventory. Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights – Podcast episode #239

Preparing for Autonomous Vehicles with Wes Guckert of The Traffic Group

In this episode, Lora Cecere interviews Wes Guckert of The Traffic Group on the current state of logistics and the future of self-driving vehicles. Listen to this episode to gain insights into the current state of logistics and the future of autonomous vehicles. How do we prepare for the future of long-haul autonomous vehicles in the […]

The Metrics That Matter and Supply Chain Excellence

A talk on supply chain excellence and the Metrics That Matter with Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights. In this episode, Lora shares five actions to take to drive value in supply chain performance. This is based on a detailed series of reports on Supply Chain Metrics That Matter for the period of 2010—2016. […]

Innovation at Kenco: The Drone Reality with Matt McLelland

To stay competitive, Kenco Group, a leading 3PL, built an innovation group. In this episode, Matt McLelland, Innovation Research Manager, discusses his work with drones for yard and perpetual inventory management. Matt has a unique position within an innovation group at Kenco and also shares his perspective on building teams to test and learn. Straight […]

Cognitive Computing for Sourcing with Richard Barnett of LevaData Inc.

Cognitive computing is transforming digital supply chain capabilities. In this episode, we interview Richard Barnett, SVP of LevaData Inc. on the application of machine learning and cognitive computing for sourcing. Richard’s focus is on change transformation and building organizations that can use new forms of analytics. Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights – Podcast episode #230

Wrangling Data for Insights

To understand the correlation between choices companies make in supply chain and the impact on business results, Supply Chain Insights embarked on a big data project to place structured and unstructured data into a data lake to understand what had the greatest impact on cost, value and growth. The data included public data from balance […]

Lassoing Sales & Operations Planning Excellence

As supply chains become global, the management of supply chains become more intricate. Today, the average company has nine S&OP processes with some having over 50 S&OP processes. Since S&OP excellence is 60% organizational, 30% process and 10% technology, the definition of governance is key. In this podcast episode, we discuss the need to define the […]