Committed to the Supply Chain Index

When you sit down to breakfast, and stare at the plate, you realize that the chicken contributed to the breakfast menu, but the pig committed. I, like the pig, am committed. Today, there is no good measure of supply chain excellence. This summer, during the countdown to our Global Summit, we will be releasing the work on the Supply Chain Index. It is new. We know that it is different. It is our hope that it helps to drive actionable,

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Ring in 2014

We close 2013 giving thanks. We give thanks for our customers and their support over the past two years. This support allows us the freedom to do what we do. In 2014, Supply Chain Insights will be two years old. We continue to have fun. Our focus is to unveil supply chain insights through research that allows leaders to drive new discussions. Over the course of the last two years, we have focused on bringing a new type of content

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Straight Talk. Lots of It.

February marks two years. Supply Chain Insights, as a company, is maturing.  In 2013 we have almost doubled revenue and tripled reach. Today we will publish our 17th newsletter to over 7000 supply chain professionals. We love content. This year we have published 25 reports, completed more than 55 podcasts, archived more than 20 webcasts, conducted our fifth public training session and hosted our first, and what will become, our annual event. Leading a bootstrap startup effort is not easy. Blazing a

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Our Journey

Over 110 supply chain leaders gathered in the desert to discuss the future of supply chain management. With nine out of ten companies stuck in their ability to improve corporate performance through advancements in supply chain, the discussion at the 2013 Supply Chain Insights Global Summit was not a rehash of the past. Instead, the group was challenged to think about supply chains differently. During the Summit, as companies presented their ideas and panels debated issues, a graphic artist captured the

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Conquering the Effective Frontier

On Wednesday, Supply Chain Insights will host our first conference. It is designed as an annual event for supply chain leaders. We are proud of the line-up of speakers. The event will open with the sharing of research of how supply chain leaders have made trade-offs on Conquering the Supply Chain Effective Frontier. (We have been analyzing balance sheets and studying the financial performance of companies for the last sixteen months. We wanted to understand how companies have made the

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Why You Should Attend the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit

On Thursday this week, we are launching the agenda for our upcoming Global Supply Chain Summit. It will be at the Phoenician in Scottsdale, AZ on September 11th and 12th. In this blog, I would like to bring readers up to date on the event and why they should attend. Five reasons why you as a supply chain leader should attend: Launch of the Supply Chain Index. Confused on which metrics matter and which industries have made the most progress over

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