Why You Should Attend the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit

On Thursday this week, we are launching the agenda for our upcoming Global Supply Chain Summit. It will be at the Phoenician in Scottsdale, AZ on September 11th and 12th. In this blog, I would like to bring readers up to date on the event and why they should attend.

Five reasons why you as a supply chain leader should attend:

  1. Launch of the Supply Chain Index. Confused on which metrics matter and which industries have made the most progress over the course of the last decade?  Gain these insights at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. Five supply chain leaders will be presenting on their progress on improving corporate performance through a balanced portfolio of supply chain ratios and progress on the Supply Chain Index. All keynote presentations will be grounded in a discussion of supply chain financial ratios over the past six years.
  2. Winning Supply Chains. Race for Supply Chain 2020. Supply chain management is now thirty years old. A new decade lies ahead of us. One thing is clear to all:  the next decade will be very different. There will be many shifts at once. These include the lack of supply chain talent, the emerging opportunities with Big Data and new forms of analytics, and the evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility programs. How will this coalesce into future supply chain strategies?  Be there are hear the discussions first hand to put the insights into action.
  3. Research-based Program. The program is based on a year of Research. In preparation for the event, we have written thirty-five research reports, completed fifteen quantitative studies and focused a year of work on harvesting insights from financial ratios. The research is independent and actionable. To make this impactful, we have built a series of infographics. This will allow you to easily share key insights of the research with your team. We want to help you to translate the insights into action.
  4. Networking. The event, with attendance at 150 people, is designed to be small enough to enable networking and large enough to include supply chain leaders from all industries and continents. The program is built to maximize networking opportunities. It is limited to 35% technology providers. There are no booths or paid speaking opportunities.  And, business leaders do not have to worry about being bombarded by technology providers. So, whether you attend the Shaman’s Circle for an exclusive experience with other supply chain leaders or engage the concierge service at the event, it is our goal to easily connect you to other supply chain leaders to get the answers that you need to make things happen in your organization.
  5. Interactive. As a Supply Chain Leader, Let Your Voice Be Heard. Use the event to influence the market. The event will be interactive. Participants will be able to watch a visual facilitator capture critical insights and the audience will share their opinions with presenters on main stage through audience response systems. It will be videotaped and broadcast to a wider audience. Press and financial analysts will be at the conference. The presentations and dialogue will be captured in the new book Metrics That Matter.

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