Supply Chain Metrics That Matter: A Focus on Pharmaceutical Companies – 2016

Globalization. Serialization. Clinical trials. Cold chain operations. Custom drug protocols. Compliance. Risk Management. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). First pass yield. Over the last decade the number and variety of supply chain initiatives exploded for the pharmaceutical leader. As a result, the supply chain group, and the business imperatives, grew in importance.

In this podcast Alison Crawford, Director of Marketing, and Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights, discuss the performance of pharmaceutical companies as compared to their market and the supply chain market overall.  While there are no Supply Chains to Admire winners in this vertical, there are opportunities for growth.  Listen to this podcast to understand what’s happened in this market and what the opportunities for growth and performance will be going forward.

Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights – Podcast episode #177