Lassoing Sales & Operations Planning Excellence

As supply chains become global, the management of supply chains become more intricate. Today, the average company has nine S&OP processes with some having over 50 S&OP processes. Since S&OP excellence is 60% organizational, 30% process and 10% technology, the definition of governance is key. In this podcast episode, we discuss the need to define the […]

Insights on S&OP Research with Liam Harrington of Oliver Wight

In this episode Liam Harrington, a 32-year veteran of Oliver Wight, shares his insights on a recent study conducted by Oliver Wight of 152 CEOs. Liam shares what surprised him in the study, and what he thinks the insights mean for line-of-business leaders. Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights – Podcast episode #218  

The Job Is Not Done!

In this episode of Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights, Lora and Helen discuss the journey from cost to value facing supply chain leaders. As we travel down this long, dark, dusty road it is easy to be distracted by the glamor that is new technology implementation. Once the implementation is complete the real work […]

Supply Chain Metrics That Matter: A Focus on Pharmaceutical Companies – 2016

Globalization. Serialization. Clinical trials. Cold chain operations. Custom drug protocols. Compliance. Risk Management. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). First pass yield. Over the last decade the number and variety of supply chain initiatives exploded for the pharmaceutical leader. As a result, the supply chain group, and the business imperatives, grew in importance. In this podcast Alison […]

A Network of Networks

The dream is to have interoperability between networks. Why is it needed? Business leaders now manage a value chain, not a simple supply chain within their four walls. They need interoperability between networks and technology applications. They know that a traditional focus on standards and integration does not work, so the group will attempt to […]

Why Is Supply Chain Planning So Hard?

Getting supply planning right is hard. It takes alignment, communication, and common definitions. Many firms are struggling to create an environment that supports effective supplier development because they aren’t sure how to being. In this podcast, Alison Crawford, Director of Marketing, talks with Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, about the new report Why […]

2016 New Year’s Resolutions with Amy Hartzell of Dow Chemical

Lora Cecere Interviews Amy Hartzell, Director of Supply Chain Center Excellence at Dow Chemical, on her New Year’s Resolutions Amy stated that they spent 2015 on strategic objections and alignment.  They are now implementing improvements on S&OP or S&OE (for Execution) as well as how to automate their supply chain.  She feels that they have a […]

What Is the Value Proposition of Sales and Operations Planning?

S&OP is one of the hottest topics that Supply Chain Insights researches. Many companies struggle, but for those that can find a common ground between sales and operations planning are more aligned, agile and effective.  In this podcast, Lora Cecere discuss the benefits of making this leap and how to get there. Straight Talk With […]