Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights

Summer holidays. Business travel. Last minute workouts. Life is busy. We understand.  We get it!

I find road trips and time off to be a good time to reflect. As I walk the beach or walk a trail, I find it a good time to think. We want to help.

In the past year we’ve published 32 reports; but this past February, we heard from a Supply Chain Leader that loved our reports and said , “It would be great to hear the research in a podcast format to enable quick sound bytes for my morning runs.”  We love this type of feedback. The team responded. It has taken us three months, but we have done it! We now have 30 podcasts available for download via iTunes or your favorite podcatcher. So, as you are traveling this summer, listen to Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights. You will not be disappointed.  Recent interviews include guests like Rick Sather, VP of Customer Supply Chain at Kimberly Clark and Fran O’Sullivan, General Manager, Integrated Supply Chain at IBM.

Headed out for Summer Vacation?  Need something to Listen to? Consider our Podcast Series….

We have now formalized a process of producing 5-7 podcasts a month. We started with Supply Chain Insights research and we are now interviewing a series of supply chain leaders. It is catching fire. We have completed five podcasts this week and have a lineup of fifteen more in the queue. For example, I interviewed Fran O’Sullivan, from IBM, on how to organize to win with new forms of analytics. I loved Fran’s insights of “start small” and “be iterative.” I followed this interview by talking with Rick Sather, leader of the Kimberly-Clark customer service team, on lessons learned while becoming demand driven. Kimberly-Clark has been one of my best students in driving demand-driven thinking, and I wanted listeners to hear about it directly from Rick.  This morning, I interviewed Daniel Weber, SVP of Supply Chain at Beiersdorf . Daniel has a unique story.  Beiersdorf has powered ten years of cash-to-cash improvements. I wanted to get his insights on how other companies could drive a similar effort. We have also finalized an interview with Nick Little to understand how organizations should think about talent and the 6:1 ratio of demand to supply. Upcoming recordings will focus on a range of topics:  e-procurement in Africa, e-commerce in China, serialization in pharmaceuticals, collaborative logistics in consumer products, lessons learned from forecast benchmarking, cool technologies, and insights from technology leaders on how to effectively implement supply chain planning.

How to Get the Podcast…

It is our goal for supply chain leaders everywhere to get the facts. These recordings are never paid-for advertising.  Instead, it is a new format allowing you to easily get the latest insights and highlights from our research. We understand that the drive for supply chain excellence is a marathon not a sprint and we want to help you on your journey.  The podcasts are part of our commitment to you and your organization. They are free to all through many sources: Feedburner, iTunes, or right here on our site.




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