VTech-A Supply Chains to Admire Finalist with Nick Delany

VTech Holdings, founded in 1976, has its roots in learning products. The company acquired the cordless phone division from Lucent technology in 2000. Initially this led to operating losses and write-offs and was turned around in 2002. Today the Company’s core businesses are cordless phones, contract manufacturing services and children learning products.  The North American operation is one of the top three manufacturers in the US cordless market. The Company currently has $1.88 billion in revenues and employ 30,000 people in 10 regions of the world. In this podcast, Nick Delany, Chairman of VTech USA Holdings LLC, chronicles the journey of market turnaround of VTech through the last decade to be a 2016 Supply Chains to Admire finalist.

Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights – Podcast episode #197