Three Years. Where Have They Gone?

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Three years. Six employees. One focus: to create content for supply chain visionaries.   And we’re celebrating our third birthday by giving all of you a present. It is the gift of content.

Supply Chain Insights: by the Numbers-3 Years-Mar 2012-Mar 2015

Nine out of ten companies are stuck: unable to make progress on a portfolio of supply chain metrics. We want to help.

To us, content takes many forms: podcasts, videos, books, events and active networking. We want to make content accessible in order to support line-of-business executives charged with improving their business. In the past three years we have evolved our processes. We are now ready to tackle the next phase of extending this content into new products to help supply chain teams gain first-mover advantage. Here is what you can expect:

  • Launch of a New Simulation Game. This summer, in collaboration with Sterling Simulation, we will launch an interactive simulation game. The game was built in response to questions from leaders. “What is the value of channel data? What is an outside-in process? Why does it matter?” We built a game to give people hands-on, to experience first-hand, and truly understand the value of information and how best to use it. The simulation game is tied to the work we are doing with Arizona State University’s Operations Research group on the Supply Chain Metrics That Matter. In the gameplay, two groups will play a simulated team activity. One group will have channel data and use outside-in processes, and the other group will not. Their decisions will translate into balance sheet results. At the end of the gameplay, the teams will see the results of their activities on balance sheet performance.
  • Continuation of the Supply Chains to Admire Work. This will be our second year tracking supply chain performance and improvement. Our second research project on the Supply Chains to Admire will debut at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit on September 9th and 10th in Scottsdale, AZ. We are profiling the customers from the results of work that we did in 2014 to build case studies and help you learn from these leaders.
  • Third Event on the Future of Supply Chain. We are busy with the details of our third Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. The summit will focus on the stories of the companies that made the Supply Chains to Admire list, the companies that have used the supply chain to define new business models, and the sharing of stories on supply chain transformation. The event will kick off with a digital showcase highlighting the use of new technologies and will conclude with the team play of the new simulation game.
  • Public Training on the Digital Supply Chain. You have asked for it, and we are busy launching the new public training series. This course is designed for groups of 10-15 to share information on supply chain excellence and the metrics that matter, and to better understand the evolution of digital processes. The outcome of this training will be line-of-business leaders with a new skill set they can apply immediately to improve results within their companies.  The training will also include playing the new simulation game of outside-in processes. More information on the public training is available.
  • A New Community for Dialogue and Content. In June, we will launch our new supply chain community. Our content, and the content of our partners, needs a new home. So, we’re creating a community to help our audience get the most out of this content. It’s named Beet Fusion. Why? It is designed to be the superfood to power the next evolution of supply chain growth and results. Over the next few months we will be busy under the hood building content for the new community. The community will include ratings and reviews, a career center, financial benchmarking, content, discussions and blogging.

Let us know what you think. We are continuing to evolve and refine our business model; and, we give thanks to our business partners for our success. Three years have gone by fast…but, we are having fun, and we are enjoying our clients’ success.


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Lora Cecere is the Founder of Supply Chain Insights. The research firm Supply Chain Insights is paving new directions in building thought-leading supply chain research. She is also the author of enterprise software blog “Supply Chain Shaman. The blog focuses on the use of enterprise applications to drive supply chain excellence. Her book, Bricks Matter, will be published in August 2012. As an enterprise strategist, Lora focuses on the changing face of enterprise technologies. Her research is designed for the early adopter seeking first mover advantage. Current research topics include the digital consumer, supply chain sensing, demand shaping and revenue management, market-driven value networks, accelerating innovation through open design networks, the evolution of predictive analytics, emerging business intelligence solutions, and technologies to improve safe and secure product delivery. She comes to the stage with over forty years of diverse supply chain experience. She has spent nine years as an industry analyst with Gartner Group, AMR Research, Altimeter Group and is now the founder of her own firm Supply Chain Insights. Prior to becoming a supply chain analyst she spent fifteen years as a leader in the building of supply chain software at Manugistics and Descartes Systems Group, and twenty years as a supply chain practitioner at Procter & Gamble, Kraft/General Foods, Clorox, and Dreyers Grand Ice Cream (now a division of Nestle).

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