Paddling Upstream with Downstream Data

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Have you ever paddled a canoe down a fast-moving stream? I am not referring to taking on Class IV or V white water rapids; but at least a challenging and slightly dangerous course that will get you pretty wet if you don’t pay attention. You must think in real-time and, at the same time, be looking ahead of the immediate threat to those you are about to face – and those come at you faster than you can often imagine. The line of danger is defined as how you do both – navigate the immediate and demanding obstacles and predict a…

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Shopping at Whole Foods Market? Click Amazon Prime

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Amazon’s announcement of its acquisition of Whole Foods Market will be a landmark business move that has far reaching effects to the Consumer Chain and the way CPG suppliers go to market. There are so many pleasures of life in Austin, Texas. Even though I’ve moved out of the unbelievable growth explosion of Austin proper, living this Texas Hill Country life and being close enough to run into town to see a band on Sixth Street, run the hike and bike trails or check out Circuit of the Americas is pure cool. Amidst the eclectic Austin lifestyle of Tex-Mex, BBQ,…

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C’est FINI!

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Fini is the French word for finished. As Ms. Rector taught me in my high school french class,”C’est fini!”  It is finished. I love the sound as it rolls off my tongue; but yes, the Metrics that Matter book is finished. I finished the page proofs last week. The book is the end of a long journey. It has been a team effort and I will be glad to hold one in my hand and smell fresh ink. The book is a story of a supply chain leader named Joe. He does not want to be an average Joe. As…

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Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights

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Summer holidays. Business travel. Last minute workouts. Life is busy. We understand.  We get it! I find road trips and time off to be a good time to reflect. As I walk the beach or walk a trail, I find it a good time to think. We want to help. In the past year we’ve published 32 reports; but this past February, we heard from a Supply Chain Leader that loved our reports and said , “It would be great to hear the research in a podcast format to enable quick sound bytes for my morning runs.”  We love this type of feedback. The team…

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