Four Options for Benchmarking

How do you define a path forward if you don’t know where you are and what is possible? Determining the current state—strengths and opportunities against a peer group—is the goal of our three Supply Chain Benchmarking offerings. Participate in these in-depth analyses to gain valuable insights into your company’s performance on supply chain financial metrics, organizational alignment, and supply chain planning maturity. Each can be done separately or in conjunction with the others, or we can build a custom project to meet your specific needs.

Check out our summary flyer,  an easy way to review and share our benchmarking options with your team.


How do your supply chain planning processes measure up? Today there is no yardstick. There are no standard definitions and each company has defined supply chain planning differently. As a result, the data needs to be normalized.

Our Approach

We find that no one data set tells the entire story. Our analysis is based on four research inputs, brought together to help you understand your current performance, the steps needed to drive improvements, and the obstacles in your way:

This project is conducted among a group of companies on an annual basis. It follows five core steps:

Requirements from Each Participating Company

  • Assign a project manager to work with the Supply Chain Insights team to define peer groups, planning regions and divisions.
  • Provide demand planning, inventory, shipment, and order fulfillment data for the determined period.
  • Identify 40+ employees (supply chain planners) to participate in the quantitative survey.
  • NOTE: All data will be reported in aggregate. Individual company results will only be shared with the company providing the data.
  • Cost: $25,000. Additional analyses by division or region can be added at an additional cost.

What You Will Learn

Each participating company will get a report summary and a dedicated review of the results with Supply Chain Insights. Companies will also have the opportunity to discuss the results in a facilitated roundtable with other participating companies.
Our analysis will include the following:

  • Where are you on the Supply Chain Metrics That Matter versus your peer group? How effectively are you driving progress?
  • How productive are your supply chain planners?
  • What is the forecastability of your product line and what is the forecast value-add from your planning organization? What value are you bringing to your demand planning processes versus your peer group?
  • What is the relative effectiveness of your order management? Orders managed hands-free? Automated order matching? Order cycle time? Order fulfillment?
  • Where are you on the spectrum of technology adoption and how satisfied are your planners with their systems versus your peer group?
  • How aligned are your internal teams to the corporate strategy and to each other?
  • How effective are your processes for visibility? Where are you strong and what are the opportunities?
  • How effectively do you manage inventory? Clarity of inventory targets? Inventory write-offs?
  • Are your S&OP processes balanced? How quickly can you get to data to make decisions versus your peer group?

Check out our planning benchmarking flyer, an easy way to review and share our benchmarking options with your team.

Want more information? Contact Regina Denman, Director of Client Services: or 207-521-9176


What matters most to your employees and how satisfied are they with their jobs and the company? What are the pain points that should be addressed to improve this satisfaction? This project will also examine strengths and weaknesses of the employees as well as their bosses, existence of training opportunities, and areas where employees see a need for improvement. You can customize the project to fit your specific needs. We’ll benchmark your company’s results against the findings from our Supply Chain Talent survey in order to see where your company stands apart from its peers.

Want more information? Contact Regina Denman, Director of Client Services: or 207-521-9176


Get ready for annual planning by benchmarking the financial performance of your supply chain. Using the Supply Chain Metrics That Matter and the Supply Chain Index methodologies, we can help you better understand your supply chain potential. We analyze the patterns in the financial data within your peer group and correlate them to choices in processes and technology. This enables us to gauge your company’s ability to manage the trade-offs of growth, profitability, inventory/cash cycles and complexity.


We find that each company has a unique pattern in how they manage trade-offs. Our financial benchmarking can analyze company, division and/or regional data on the Supply Chain Metrics That Matter against a defined peer group and plot improvement and performance through orbit charts. Improvement will be determined by the calculation of the Supply Chain Index. We will work with you to develop a custom project, picking the metrics, peer group, and time periods for analysis that will have the greatest impact for your company.


Want more information? Contact Regina Denman, Director of Client Services: or 207-521-9176


To make progress, supply chain teams need to be aligned and clear on strategy. In this analysis we’ll benchmark your supply chain team against our database of survey responses over the past five years in order to understand how you stack up on organizational characteristics such as supply chain visibility, team alignment, ability to get to data, supply chain agility, balance and maturity in S&OP, satisfaction with technology, and supply chain inventory target clarity. This is a custom survey research project designed to provide unique insights to help you benchmark your organizational performance.


Want more information? Contact Regina Denman, Director of Client Services: or 207-521-9176