• Details: The research for this report is based on five surveys fielded during the period of January 2014 – December 2015. The research was a progressive set of studies on supply chain planning. What are the barriers and what drives success. While the path to supply chain planning excellence is fraught with issues, the expected Return on Investment (ROI) for a successful supply chain planning project is nine months. In this report, we share insights on why supply chain planning is so difficult and how to maximize the ROI.
  • Objective of the report: To share insights with supply chain leaders on how to maximize the value from a supply chain planning implementation. The report shares insights on five barriers and then gives recommendations to overcome the barriers to maximize the ROI.
  • Highlights: While many approach supply chain planning as a technology project, success requires companies to rethink how they make operational decisions and plan for future outcomes. The bigger issues in executing a supply chain planning project is how work is organized and how reward systems shape behavior.