Why Is S&OP Planning So Hard?


  • Details: The research for this report is based on two online surveys conducted from January – May, 2015. The S&OP study was conducted among Manufacturers and Wholesalers/Distributors/Co-operatives who have an S&OP process and $250M or more in revenue (n=36). The Inventory Optimization study was conducted among Manufacturers, Retailers, and Wholesalers/Distributors/Co-operatives who use inventory optimization software and have $250M or more in revenue (n=39).
  • Objective of the S&OP study: To understand the role of Sales & Operations Planning in improving business performance.
  • Objective of the Inventory study:To understand the impact of inventory optimization software on supply chain excellence.
  • Highlight: While many will try to drive S&OP improvements with big technology initiatives, we recommend starting by tackling the change management issues. In this report, we share five barriers, and four misconceptions while giving supporting research to challenge change in the organization.


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