• Survey¬†Details: The research for this report was conducted from February 12 – October 8, 2015. Surveys were conducted among Manufacturers, Retailers, and Wholesalers/Distributors/Co-operatives with $250M+ in revenue and who use (and are familiar with) inventory optimization software (n=64). Respondents were evenly split between those using basic (ERP or ERP+APS) and advanced (software in addition to ERP/APS) software. All surveys were conducted by Supply Chain Insights.
  • Objective: To understand the impact of inventory optimization software on supply chain excellence. NOTE: inventory optimization software was defined as “any form of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), APS (Advanced Planned Software), or sophisticated inventory planning tools.”
  • Highlight: Companies who use advanced software are more likely to be satisfied with their software, to be effective at making inventory decisions and to drive a return on investment for their software.

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