The Digital Transformation Drinking Game

New technologies crop up all the time, but how do we choose which ones will work or not? More importantly, how do we decide which ones work for our companies? It’s a game of trial-and-error in many cases and it is important to take caution not to get wrapped up and punch drunk on new technologies […]

New Ways of Working

The old ways of demand planning are becoming increasingly less effective. It is time for companies to push the limits and redefine the “art of the possible.”  In this podcast Lora and Helen discuss the opportunity many supply chain leaders are faced with today by leaving old ways behind and adopting new ways of working […]

Productivity, Efficiency and Global Effectiveness

In this episode of Straight Talk with Supply Chain insights, Lora and Helen discuss the halt of the Third Industrial Revolution and how innovating processes along with technology will drive the effectiveness of value networks as related to the Supply Chain Shaman blog post: Late Night Thoughts on Productivity, Efficiency, and Global Supply Chain Effectiveness. […]

2016 New Year’s Resolutions with Mady Bricco of Dow

Lora Cecere interview Mady Bricco, Director of Global Logistics, Dow Chemical Mady Bricco discusses their end-to-end strategy by simplifying and optimizing their work.  In 2015 logistics they are seeing truck market getting slightly better. They are looking at 3 key pillars in 2016.   Technology is changing so quickly so how do we manage without being […]

Turkish Grocery Leader ȘOK Markets with Mustafa Altindağ

Lora Interviews a Turkish grocery leader, Mustafa Altindağ, the CEO of ȘOK Markets. ȘOK is a $2 billion grocery retailer with a network of 2,500 stores and 17 DCs.  He had a technology project that was implemented within 3 months to organize the information for deliveries for the right time with the right products to the right stores. Keep […]