Productivity, Efficiency and Global Effectiveness

In this episode of Straight Talk with Supply Chain insights, Lora and Helen discuss the halt of the Third Industrial Revolution and how innovating processes along with technology will drive the effectiveness of value networks as related to the Supply Chain Shaman blog post: Late Night Thoughts on Productivity, Efficiency, and Global Supply Chain Effectiveness. […]

Are You Putting Lipstick on a Pig or Creating Value?

There is a change happening in supply chain.  Big ERP deals are drying up, BPO is hindering supply chain innovation, and software maintenance costs are supporting a platform that might not be in the best interest of the client.  What should a user to do?  In this podcast Alison Crawford, Director of Marketing, speaks with […]

Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Analytics with Karin Bursa of Logility

Many organizations run their operations through spreadsheets and Excel; however, according to Karin Bursa, VP of Marketing at Logility, our future will leave the spreadsheet behind and embrace the power of analytics.  In this episode of Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights, Lora and Karin talk about the “could be” environments in supply chain, and […]

Healthcare Supply Chain Gets a Clean Bill of Health with Karen Conway of GHX

Lora Cecere talks with Karen Conway, Executive Director – Industry Relations of GHX, in this episode of Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights.  The healthcare space is important to everyone, not just the healthcare providers and suppliers, but to the patients as well.  Lora and Karen discuss the evolution of supply chain in healthcare, identifying […]

How Supply Chain Will Support Last-Mile Delivery with Bobby Miller of Ortec

Bobby Miller, Executive Partner – North America at ORTEC, talks about last-mile delivery in supply chain with Lora Cecere.  As the world becomes more interconnected, trends like urbanization, climate change, resource availability, and demographic shifts will impact how people buy and use myriad products.  Listen in to this discussion about how Bobby sees this new […]