A Call To Action: Testing the Future of Supply Chain

Sometimes being an individual is great. Other times it’s better to belong to something bigger. At Supply Chain Insights we see the potential of a future that connects all of us. To make this potential become a reality we launched the Network of Networks, a cross-facilitated group of business leaders and technology innovators to try […]

Is IT Standardization Killing Your Growth Agenda?

IT standardization has been a popular strategy to manage investment and operations, but is it really the best thing for your business? In this podcast Lora and Alison discuss the possibility that departing from the IT norm could be the best thing for your business and your team. Listen in to hear about the implications […]

Figuring Out New Forms of Analytics

Using unstructured and streaming data is a brave new world. The possibilities of data variety and velocity to improve supply chain management are an exciting option for supply chains to better understand their business. In this podcast Alison Crawford talks with Lora about the new Supply Chain Shaman blog post Trying to Figure Out New […]

Sensors, Data and the Future of Supply Chain with Andy Souders of Savi

Lora talks with Andy Souders, Senior Vice President – Products and Strategy at Savi, about the future of supply chain 2025 and the impact data will have. As sensors become more powerful their application will increase, enabling an increase of communication across product, people and technology. The future will enable supply chain professionals to manage […]

The Future of Supply Chain Will Be in the Cloud with Pervinder Johar of Steelwedge

Lora talks with Pervinder Johar, CEO of Steelwedge and HP Alum, about how he sees the future of supply chain. As part of the lead-up to the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit, we’re talking with pioneers of supply chain to discuss the future of operations and technology. Pervinder talks about how to generate value as […]

Technology, Data, and Supply Chain 2025 with Eric Blackburn of NeoGrid

Lora talks with Eric Blackburn, Director of Consumer Products – North America at NeoGrid, about his views of the future of supply chain as we prepare for our Global Summit. Eric discusses new technologies, business models that are currently transforming our world, and the next steps in supply chain evolution. The intersection of technologies, data, […]