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This month, Supply Chain Insights is two years old. We are no longer a start-up. We are small, and growing, and remain committed to serving the supply chain leader with research. We have survived the first two years. It is time to renew our commitment. It is our goal to redefine the analyst model to be more actionable, available and hard-hitting. The way we do it is very different. So much so, that many times customers will ask us how we make money and how we can give the research away. It is simple, we are redefining the analyst model one report at a time.

Let me explain. The term research is used by many companies. Many times it is over-used and even abused. To understand the research difference, let’s start with the basics. It is a discussion of inputs, research methodologies and outputs. Simplistically, we see that there are four research models. Here we explain the difference. The more that we develop the model, the more that we remain convinced it is the right one. What do you think? We would love your feedback.

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Research Difference of Supply Chain Insights' Method


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