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Here are the sponsored webinars where Supply Chain Insights partnered with others to deliver research insights.

Lessons Learned: Transitioning to an AI-Enabled Procurement Process
Recorded June 5, 2018 – 59 minutes
Enterprise procurement teams are slowly moving from a largely analog process to one that’s entirely digital, with insights derived from AI and machine learning. While it’s a crucial shift for the entire discipline, it requires new investments and ways of working that can introduce disruption and risk. This webinar provides lessons learned from procurement leaders at Bose and Polycom who successfully made this transition, and best practices identified by experts at Supply Chain Insights and LevaData.

How to Drive LightsOutPlanning
Recorded May 17, 2018 – 53 minutes
Learn how to drive digital supply chain decisions by creating a virtual twin of your supply chain through advanced algorithms, machine learning, and cognitive computing.
Join Koen Jaspers, a founding partner of BlueCrux, as he presents how organizations can improve by creating business value out of operational, supply chain and external data.
He will discuss how to:

  • Take the first steps towards autonomous supply chain planning.
  • Get end-to-end visibility and create more business value through a virtual twin of your supply chain.
  • Change from static to smart planning parameters.

Supplier Performance-The Journey of Becoming First
Using Supplier Insights to Improve Performance
Recorded May 3, 2018 – 46 minutes
While MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) is necessary for procurement transactional management, alone, it is not sufficient. Problems that manufacturers are facing today include:
·Sorting through heaps of data provided by ERP and BI systems, throttling the ability for managers to make decisions about their area of the business
·Inability to identify specific and actionable insights despite large-scale ERP implementations
·Difficulty tracking progress on actions taken, in real time, that directly impact the performance of a specific site or group of manufacturing sites
·Overflow of ERP system-generated alerts, which overwhelm those tasked with making improvements, and bog down prioritization
·Labor-intensive work invested in the creation of insufficient reports which get stale quickly, lack visibility among stakeholders and are not the single point of truth across the supply chain
Join this webinar and hear how Scott Spencer from Safran-Zodiac Aerospace leverages advanced data analytics from LeanDNA to transform their supply chain, including:
·Prioritization of the most valuable inventory opportunities and assigning tasks to the team that are simple to action and track
·Standardization of best practice dashboards deployed across the company in a consistent manner
·Collaborating between buyers, analysts, and suppliers to reduce shortages
·Optimizing order policies to help reduce inventory and improve on-time delivery performance
·Driving accountability using daily supply chain metrics
·Accurately setting inventory targets, predict future inventory levels, diagnose key inventory drivers that will reduce excess inventory, and trigger prioritized improvement actions for buyers and planners

Learn How to Use Blockchain Today in Your Supply Chain
Recorded May 2, 2018 – 62 minutes
You’ve no doubt read the excitement about blockchain in supply chain, but what can you do now? Today’s supply chain is increasingly dependent on a decentralized model for its information exchanges. Whether its inter-enterprise order management, multi-tier supplier interactions, or intra-company exchanges, most companies struggle with getting access to and effectively using enterprise information resulting in a lack of visibility, trust, and misalignment which means business performance suffers. Leading blockchain application environments focus on enabling secure, access controlled, collaborative exchanges between multiple parties in a secure, trusted environment. During this webinar, you will learn about the requirements for an effective supply chain blockchain application environment which can digitally transform intra- and inter-enterprise data exchanges making them trusted, verified, and irrefutable enabling more reliable and confident data exchanges, faster business cycles, and lower costs.

Practical Steps to Get Started with Supply Chain AI
Recorded April 25, 2018 – 54 minutes
In this webinar, Lora Cecere, founder of Supply Chain Insights, and Ram Krishnan, VP Product Marketing at Aera Technology, discuss how to get started with artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. Aera is a provider of cognitive computing solutions for supply chain management. Lora makes the case for cognitive computing and Ram gives a software demonstration. The webinar ends with audience Q&A. Listen now to gain insights on how to use the technology.

AI in the Supply Chain
Recorded December 13, 2017 – 58 minutes
Artificial Intelligence hype reached a fever pitch in 2017 that cannot be ignored. It is changing the definition of decision support technologies like supply chain planning. However, as with any white-hot technology, it requires serious examination of the business value it can deliver. In this fast-paced thought leadership webinar, Lora Cecere and Aera Technology will demystify the AI hype–separating fact from fiction–as it applies to Supply Chain.
In this webinar we will cover:
·         What is reality vs hype?
·         Where are supply chains investing in AI and ML today?
·         How are they measuring success? What value are they getting?
·         Best practices to maximize the benefit of AI in your supply chain
·         Practical next steps to get started with AI

Risk Management & Financial Health 
Recorded December 12, 2017
Supply chain management has never been more volatile and uncertain. How do companies best manage risk and reward? Join Rapid Ratings and Supply Chain Insights to gain insights on the Metrics That Matter in the Management of Risk Management. In this webinar, Founder Lora Cecere from Supply Chain Insights and Brian Sica, Thought Leader, Rapid Ratings will share their research to help supply chain leaders think more holistically about the measurement of risk and the prevention of disruption.

Reinvigorating Your Investment in SAP APO Forecasting
Recorded November 30, 2017
The odds of achieving successful outcomes when using enterprise demand management technology for supply chain planning are the same as a flip of the coin. Why? The programs are just too labor intensive and the engines are not fit for purpose. The odds improve when optimizers are added to increase the output from ERP systems like SAP and Oracle. In this webinar, we share insights on the benefits of using an optimizer for SAP. Gain insights from Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, and Gerrott Faulkingham from ToolsGroup on the steps to take to reinvigorate your demand planning system. – 34 minutes

British Telecom’s Supply Chain Demand-Driven Journey
Recorded August 21, 2017
This webinar presents British Telecom’s adaptation of a demand-driven approach with Orchestr8’s software and SmartChain’s solution implementation. The case study shares the results realized from the pilot and full-scale enterprise implementation. Join the webinar session to learn about ‘the different way’ that allows to de-risk the supply chain from forecast error and utilise real demand to drive replenishment decisions and much more. – 54 minutes

Creating a Next-Generation Supply Chain: Enabling Your Team with Supply Chain Analytics
Recorded April 19, 2017 

The speed at which supply chains are evolving is accelerating and the stakes are high. You need to place your bets now to gain future benefits and carve out a competitive edge.
Companies that drive their supply chains forward to sense and respond with cutting-edge analytics will be better positioned to adapt to changing marketing conditions and customer needs. The journey to self-enablement begins today.
Join us for this informative webinar with well-known supply chain thought leader and author Lora Cecere and special guest speakers to discuss:

  • The Supply Chain looking ahead to 2030
  • The impact of deploying powerful SC analytics in your business today
  • How AIMMS is responding to these future needs

Webinar: Attributes – A Must in Every S&OP Solution
Recorded April 5, 2017 

Attributes define properties of products, suppliers, processes, customers, orders, regions, factories, and characteristics of every element of your supply chain. Given the importance of attributes in every aspect of planning, from demand planning to supply planning and even factory planning and S&OP, Attribute-Based Planning technique has lent itself to a major breakthrough in implementing planning solutions. In the absence of attributes, SKUs will increase exponentially and supply chain models would become very complex to represent. Furthermore, attributes can be used in a unique way as dynamic constraints, defined by the users, throughout the entire supply chain. This is a very powerful tool to mold your supply chain engine to represent the reality of your operations, without having to do scripting and coding. As your supply chain changes the model changes and grows with it, making sure you are working with an accurate and realistic model of your supply chain.

Join Supply Chain Insights’ Lora Cecere and Adexa for an in-depth discussion of why Attributes are so critical, and can drastically lower your cost of ownership of a supply chain planning solution and support your operations on an on-going basis without any additional cost, as your business changes.

Join FusionOps and Supply Chain Insights for Our “Accelerate Time to Insights – Unlock Your True Growth Potential” Webinar
Getting insights to understand your supply chain’s role as a key driver is a critical element of executing on your growth strategy. How can you get this essential information immediately while still ensuring that it’s aligned with your company’s growth strategies?
Join us for this webcast to hear Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights, share how to accelerate time-to-insights to drive measurable business results.
Attend this webcast to learn:

  • 3 most important considerations in accelerating time to valuable insights
  • How to transform from tools to an insights-as-a-service model
  • How to better align your supply chain analytics with your growth strategies
  • How to leverage cloud and Big Data to drive business results

Recorded on April 28, 2016: http://info.fusionops.com/Time-To-Insights-OnDemand.html

How to Eliminate the Weak Links in Your Supply Chain: Using Your ERP for Maximum Value

Like many in the chemical industry, you are probably feeling the pain of having your customers pushing costs up their supply chains. And with tight margins and high levels of asset utilization, you are probably finding that supply chain excellence matters more than ever to your company’s performance.

How can you find new ways to improve your supply chain and the bottom line?

Join us for this informative webinar with leading expert Lora Cecere, the “Supply Chain Shaman,” as she discusses:

  • What the leading companies are doing to improve their supply chain performance
  • Which analytics and KPIs are key to supply chain optimization
  • The key steps for ongoing supply chain improvement
  • Challenges particular to chemical processing and how industry leaders are addressing them
  • And more

Listen to this Blytheco webinar now:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/9149555595355465217 – recorded on December 10, 2015

Your S&OP Investment: The Time is Now

S&OP processes have been around for decades, but companies still struggle to find the optimal balance of responsibility and communication between functions. This disconnect results in delayed decision making, increased overhead, and missed opportunity.
In this webinar, industry analyst, author and thought leader Lora Cecere will discuss the elements that drive an effective S&OP process and what users need to do to align those processes. Throughout the discussion Lora will identify the value propositions to support investment in S&OP solutions, and deliver actionable advice to companies that are ready to make a difference.
Your S&OP Investment: The Time is Now –  recorded on August 26, 2015

Taming the Long Tail in the CG Supply Chain
For many consumer goods companies, supply chain and demand planning KPIs are hitting a performance ceiling.  90% of companies are stuck at the intersection of operating margin and inventory.  Traditional processes have plateaued. Despite efforts to improve accuracy, forecast error has not been tamed.  Neither has the bullwhip.
Complexity is lengthening the tail of the supply chain. This is “the new reality” for many companies competing for consumer demand. At this web seminar you’ll:

  • Learn why the long tail is important to you and how your company compares with industry standards.
  • See a new framework for understanding and addressing this issue.
  • Take home lessons learned in the struggle to successfully step up to the next level of demand and supply chain planning.

Kara Romanow, Executive Editor of CGT
Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights LLC
Pat Smith, General Manager for North America, ToolsGroup
Taming the Long Tail in the CG Supply Chain 
– 60 minutes recorded on May 23, 2015

Data Unification for Procurement Spend Optimization
Procurement spend optimization is on top of every procurement officer’s mind.  Yet, as companies continue to make large investments in supply chain information systems, they are not able to leverage all of their valuable—but often siloed—data.  Join Lora Cecere of Supply Chain Insights, and Clare Bernard of Tamr, to learn about a new machine learning based approach to data unification, and how it is helping some of the world’s largest organizations optimize their procurement spend, reduce supplier risk, and improve cash flows.
Lora Cecere, CEO and Founder, Supply Chain Insights
Clare Bernard, Field Engineer, Tamr
Data Unification for Procurement Spend Optimization – 32 minutes recorded on May 20, 2015

Outside-In From the Inside Out: The Real Work of Becoming Demand-Driven
The concepts of “demand-driven supply chain” pervade current thinking about how to improve operational performance. Yet even when companies have a good handle on what those mean, they still encounter numerous, stubborn challenges that slow progress and cause frustration. But, there is hope.
Join this webinar to learn how real world companies tackle the obstacles to create world-class, demand driven supply chains. This engaging, conversational webinar, moderated by the original Supply Chain Shaman, Lora Cecere, will clarify what demand driven truly portends for most companies and how it specifically contrasts with legacy practices and behaviors. Spinnaker’s John La Bouff will highlight the built-in obstacles that typically exist in the status quo, and observe where organizational and personal misalignment often drives actions at cross purposes to stated goals and expectations. Most importantly, we will review with Shiva Esturi of SanDisk some of the practical, hands-on steps they took to knock down the barriers to successful transformation. Join us as we sort through the skeletons everyone has in their closets and have a little fun as we dispatch them, one at a time.
Lora Cecere, CEO and Founder, Supply Chain Insights
Shiva Esturi, Director, Supply Chain Optimization, SanDisk
John La Bouff, VP Consulting, Spinnaker
Outside-In From the Inside Out: The Real Work of Becoming Demand-Driven  – 50 minutes recorded June 10, 2015

Evolution of B2B Networks
Supply Chain Operating Networks in the New Frontier
By implementing powerful Supply Chain Operating Network capabilities, clients become easier to do business with, are able to clearly differentiate themselves through service, quickly realize significant cost advantages, and are better able to respond rapidly to either market opportunities or supply disruptions. The webinar will feature provocative insight and evolving best practices fundamental for supply chain leaders to enable market-driven supply chains.  Attendees will learn clear & actionable information that can be applied to their organization’s supply chain strategy.
Lora Cecere, CEO & Founder, Supply Chain Insights
Ralph Kahre, Supply Chain & eBusiness Leader, BASF
Rich Katz, CTO, Elemica
Evolution of B2B Networks –  Recorded on April 15, 2014

The Why and the How Guide to Making a Smart S&OP Technology Selection
While sales and operations planning (S&OP) has been around for 30 years, there remains significant opportunity for companies to fully benefit from it. Many manufacturers “get stuck” at the supply/demand balancing level and never progress into Integrated Business Planning (IBP). Why? It’s because the vast majority of companies still use Excel and manual efforts to drive their S&OP processes.
While no company will ever completely abandon spreadsheets, those who attempt to achieve S&OP maturity with only disconnected processes and solutions will never drive truly collaborative, scalable planning. The alternative lies in selecting the right technology to power S&OP to the next level.

In this webinar, Lora Cecere, founder of Supply Chain Insights, will provide direction on:

  • How the right S&OP technology can render big business benefits
  • How S&OP technologies have changed over time
  • How to select the S&OP solution that best fits your requirements
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of implementation

Join this session to understand how technologies have changed and how you can select the solution that best fits your requirements.
Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO, Supply Chain Insights
Ed Lewis, VP, Product Marketing & Planning, Steelwedge Software
The Why and the How Guide to Making a Smart S&OP Technology Selection – 57 minutes recorded March 27, 2014

Outside-In Order Management An order is not an order. A customer is not a customer. Traditional systems process orders as a transaction, but it is about more than just numbers. Today’s competitive market requires better collaboration between buyers and suppliers. Nine out of ten companies are stuck. They are unable to advance inventory turns and operating margin. The secret lies in trading partner policies. Advanced analytics are emerging to sense order flows and yield exceptions to drive a better supply chain response. Join this webinar to gain an understanding of how this functionality can be used to alert for diversion, signal order mistakes and prevent obsolescence due to over-ordering. Panelists: Lora Cecere, Founder & CEO, Supply Chain Insights Becky Holloway, Director of Product Marketing, IntegriChain
Outside-In Order Management – Recorded March 20, 2014

Changing Mental Models
Globalization and off-shoring… Demand and supply volatility… Product portfolio explosion… Partner collaboration and visibility… Acceleration of market changes… Revenue and profit considerations…
As market challenges become ever more acute, S&OP has become ever more critical. Yet, most organizations are stuck. Their technologies and processes are no longer working for them. Simply put, their needs have evolved past what their current approach to S&OP can deliver. And they are not quite sure what to do next. Technologies have improved and there is ample opportunity to fully leverage them to gain performance improvements, but it requires the organization to change their view on how to approach both the process challenge and the technology solution. Join this webinar to gain insights how changing mental models can open up new opportunities.
Jessie Chimni, Vice President and Chief Solutions Officer, Bristlecone
Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights
Trevor Miles, Vice President, Thought Leadership, Kinaxis
Changing Mental Models  – recorded February 25, 2014

Data and CPG Companies: What’s Missing from the Equation?
Retail point of sale data (POS) is now forty years old, but few consumer products companies can use it to drive replenishment. New technologies are evolving and computing power is increasing, so why are consumer products not able to use the data? Join this webinar to gain insights on recent research to understand the current state of the market.
Data and CPG Companies: What’s Missing from the Equation? – recorded on February 6, 2014

Is Technology as a Priority Means for Achieving Supply Chain Performance Getting Short-Changed?
Recent Supply Chain Insights research shows there is a disparity between supply chain priorities and performance, yet technology investment is rarely the first considered way to resolution.  While the supply chain organization may understand their limitations and even the capabilities that are missing, they may not clearly know how to go about filling the gaps.  Compounding the problem, the research shows that IT  tends to overestimate their level of alignment with supply chain (and other groups). They believe there is more of a shared understanding and support across the organization than in reality there may be. This begs the question: If  IT doesn’t see the problem, how does the supply chain organization get support to solve it?

In this one hour webcast, Lora Cecere, founder of Supply Chain Insights will review key findings from the Supply Chain Alignment research, while Laura Dionne, Senior Director Worldwide Operations Planning of TriQuint will offer a practical perspective and an experienced view on how to gain better alignment between Supply Chain and IT as it relates to technology investments aimed at driving better business outcomes. CJ Wehlage, an industry principal at Kinaxis, will moderate the session.
Is Technology as a Priority Means for Achieving Supply Chain Performance Getting Short-Changed?  – 66 minutes – recorded on December 6, 2013

Steelwedge 2013 Agility Webinar Series – Does Your S&OP Deliver Agility?
In today’s increasingly complex and dynamic business environment, companies must have the agility to make fast, intelligent, and profitable decision. Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is a major pathway forward to make that happen. Recent research shows that companies that are more mature on S&OP have twice the levels of alignment and agility than their counterparts who are lower on the maturity scale. Join us for a webinar with noted supply chain thought leader and author Lora Cecere to understand the steps to take and the pitfalls to avoid along the road to S&OP agility.

During the webinar, Lora addressed:

  • The evolution of S&OP processes and how to build demand and supply processes that align with top-line business goals.
  • The steps necessary to achieve the right balance between commercial and operations teams—the key to execution and achieving results.
  • Which metrics drive alignment and how the metrics change as S&OP processes mature.
  • How supply chain centers of excellence effectively manage regional and global governance to balance rising complexity and volatility with the execution of the plan.

Does Your S&OP Deliver Agility?  – 58 minutes – recorded on November 19, 2013

Redefining Retail Supply Chain Excellence – As global retailing continues to evolve in the face of channel growth, technology shifts and a more empowered consumer, effective supply chain management is a higher priority than ever. In Core Solutions continuing series on retail supply chain excellence, we are hosting respected supply chain analyst and author Lora Cecere, who will share insight on her research into how technology is driving supply chain excellence.
• Learn why your understanding of supply chain excellence may need to change.
• Learn more about a new set of supply chain metrics.
• Understand what retailers with the highest performing supply chains are doing right.

Guest Speaker:
Lora Cecere, Founder Supply Chain Insights

Russel Beron, Marketing Director, Core Solutions

Redefining Retail Supply Chain Excellence – recorded June 26, 2013

Insights into Transportation Sourcing:  How to Improve Service, Control Costs, and Minimize Risks In this webcast, you’ll discover how leading global brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev manages its carrier relationships, specifically around transportation bid events to continually improve service and contain costs across its $1B transportation network. By utilizing sophisticated pre-award criteria, lane bundling strategies, online bid hosting tools, and back-end optimization, Anheuser-Busch InBev is able to award freight to the optimal mix of carriers. Chainalytics, a recognized leader in supply chain consulting, will augment the discussion with an overview of the key strategic decisions in transportation sourcing events, including how to leverage freight market intelligence in the bid process.


  • Strategies for conducting transportation bids
  • Awarding techniques that limit risk and reduce transportation costs
  • Best practices on leveraging freight market intelligence


  • Mike Schmitz, Director, Transportation Procurement, Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Kevin Zweier, Principal, Transportation Practice, Chainalytics

Insights into Transportation Sourcing – Recorded on May 9, 2013

Driving Excellence in Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) What is S&OP? The Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process aligns the organization to the business strategy. As companies become more global and face rising complexity, volatility and uncertainty, the importance of S&OP has become an integral component to a company’s business success. So how does an organization adapt their supply chain process to become a more market-driven company? Join IBS and industry expert Lora Cecere, from Supply Chain Insights, to learn how you can utilize S&OP to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Reduce inventory
  • Improve asset management and capital planning
  • Successfully launch new products and services

Driving Excellence in Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) – Recorded May 8, 2013

Leveraging Analytics for Market-Driven Success During this exclusive Consumer Goods Technology Webinar industry experts from Supply Chain Insights and SAS will explore the latest insights, strategies, and practical solutions to real-world challenges through analytics. The authors of the book, Bricks Matter, called the “new bible for all supply chain executives,” will reflect on supply chain progress and the evolution of analytics to propel supply chain progress. Attendees will hear about market-driven practices that improve sensing, forecasting, and create an agile response. The need for knowledge to help consumer goods executives understand emerging trends, evolving customer needs, and make more effective and timely decisions, is becoming more and more critical for growth and success. Market sensing is critical in all functional areas of an organization. Sales, Marketing, Finance and Supply Chain all benefit from a quality insights. To reverse the downward trend in costs, inventory, and growth, it is time to rethink processes outside-in, move from vertical to horizontal and embrace new forms of analytics. The new book which Lora and Charlie co-authored provides an insider’s perspective on the past, present and future of the supply chain and is a compilation of stories, quotes and antidotes from 75 supply chain executives. It includes 36 case studies that tell the story of the transformation of the supply chain and predictions for 2020. This webcast will give insights into these pioneers lessons-learned and perspectives. Moderator: Kara Romanow, Executive Editor, Consumer Goods Technology Speakers: Lora Cecere, CEO, Supply Chain Insights Charlie Chase, Principal Industry Consultant, SAS Leveraging Analytics for Market-Driven Success – 60 minutes – recorded January 24, 2013

Plan4Demand presents: The 12 Days of Bricks Matter with Co-author, Lora Cecere The book, Bricks Matter, co-written by Lora Cecere, former AMR Analyst, shows readers how to identify market risks and opportunities and translate these into winning tactics. The book includes research done during 75 interviews with supply chain pioneers, and many business cases highlighting how business leaders are winning through this market-driven approach. The 3 main elements of the book discuss:

  • The best use of physical assets
  • The evolution of global supply chain teams
  • Harnessing the evolution of supply chain management best practices for 2020

Listen to the conversation with Lora Cecere in understanding what companies should look at when transitioning from “Demand-Driven” to “Market-Driven,” how it impacts their organizations and why it’s a critical transition.
The 12 Days of Bricks Matter – 61  minutes – recorded December 12, 2012

The Biggest Challenge Manufacturers Face

The Supply Chain Shaman Talks Big Data

The Consumer is King: Optimizing Your Marketing Mix to Improve ROI

Building a Learning Supply Chain: New Success at Newell Rubbermaid and Conair

Retailer Compliance: Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Penalties