Have a special event? Need a speaker? We tailor the delivery of thought-leading content on supply chain to meet your needs. Here are some examples of frequently requested topics:

Supply Chains to Admire: The list of the Supply Chains to Admire is based on four years of research on balance sheet and income metrics to determine what is possible and define which companies are driving the greatest success. In this discussion of driving improvement and raising the bar to higher levels of performance, the audience will learn what did and did not work to drive higher levels of performance (Price to Tangible Book Value or PTBV).

Metrics That Matter: In this presentation Lora will share insights on which metrics matter and how the management of a balanced portfolio drives a higher level of market value. This presentation is ideal for a cross-functional team struggling with which metrics to choose, how to determine the targets, and with change, what rate of performance improvement is possible.

Market-Driven Value Networks: The management of demand is a major stumbling block for most companies. In this session the audience will be challenged to think about demand differently, from the customer’s customer to the supplier’s supplier, outside-in, while defining the processes of demand sensing, demand translation and demand orchestration. This presentation builds on conventional demand-driven concepts and teaches how to apply them in building effective value networks.

Making the Digital Pivot: Digital supply chains are outside-in, building on a confluence of technologies. While the list of new and promising technologies goes on and on, the question is how to best use them. In this presentation Lora describes how companies use these technologies to drive new levels of improvement in corporate performance.

The Race for Supply Chain 2030. How to Build Next-Generation Supply Chain Capabilities: What does the future of supply chain management look like? How should companies prepare? Gain insights on how technologies are changing and what this means for process innovation and the design of organizational teams.

Network of Networks: Today it is a vision. Testing is making it a reality. B2B commerce is stalled using techniques from three decades ago. Gain insights from this cross-industry group which Lora leads on improving B2B connectivity through the adoption of new technologies.

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See Lora Speak (prior videos of Lora speaking):

Lora’s opening presentation at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit
recorded on September 10, 2014:

Presentation on Metrics that Matter from LLamasoft’s event Summercon in June 2014.
Listen as Lora  explains the principles of The Supply Chain Index and how to use this methodology to judge supply chain improvement.

Lora was the best speaker of the day with lots of energy giving us a different perspective that most companies are not in tune with. Great presenter on provocative content.

Lisa ShambroFounder, Executive Director at The Foundation for Strategic Sourcing

"Lora Cecere is the most-respected analyst covering supply chain. Respected by manufacturers and software companies alike, she is the only one with a strong enough following that she could start her own “brand”. Lora is the most influential analyst covering supply chain; she launched the revolution that became customer-centric supply chain design in 2005."

Rob Byrne | CEO, Terra Technology

“Lora's smart, incisive and her native curiosity means she consistently evolves her thinking about how supply chains can -- and should -- work. Her ability to grasp the issue, and see a resolution is uncanny. For anyone looking to turn the supply chain into a true source of advantage, there's no one smarter.”

Susan BassettVice President, Corporate Ink Public Relations

"Lora is tough, smart and driven. Her background gives her instant credibility and a unique perspective in the industry bringing together best practices, leading technology and a vision of what’s possible. She has an innate ability to articulate complex problems and solutions in business terms that everyone can understand. I learn something in every conversation I have with Lora.”

Karin BursaChief Marketing Officer, Logility

"If you are in supply chain technology and need help understanding the market and positioning your product in it, work with Lora Cecere. She has the deepest understanding of how supply chain technology can transform business of any analyst I have worked with. Not just a prolific writer, she’s also a compelling speaker. At one user conference, her session was voted the best of all sessions by attendees at the three day event.”

Kevin PottsVice President of Marketing Rock-Tech