This week, we celebrate Supply Chain Insights’ sixth anniversary. I never wanted to start the company, but when Gartner bought AMR Research, I thought the market needed an alternative.

We provide focused and independent research for the business leader. While other research companies write for Information Technology (IT) organizations, our focus is the business leader. We help companies seeking first mover advantage. We are busy covering the shifts of new technology and the redefinition of business processes that is fueling the Digital Revolution. This is the focus of our 2018 event.  Join us to think differently and drive new levels of value. (To register, please click here.)

If on the fence, I wanted to give you seven reasons to put it in your diary and plan to attend.

  1. No Need to Turn Your Name Tag Over to Not Get Harassed. The event is by invitation-only for technologists. We targeted technology visionaries and limit the attendees to 35 members of the audience. As a result, there are no technology salesmen eyeballing your tag. You can roam freely in the audience without harassment.
  2. A Change in the Model. The event has no sponsorships. As a result, there will be no paid speaking slots or selling of the attendee list. The conference is just pure, unabashed sharing of innovation for three days.
  3. Extreme Networking. The event is designed as a unique networking experience. This starts on Tuesday afternoon with the Embracing New Technology Tracks focused on case studies on the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Cognitive Computing. The insights from this sharing will be captured by a visual artist. On Wednesday morning, there will be structured networking activities–golfing, hiking, biking, and yoga–to help you meet other supply chain leaders. Throughout the agenda, there will be structured networking on the presentations along with dinners and receptions capped off with a digital showcase. The contacts made at this conference can help guide you throughout the year. We find that networking is the number one reason that people come back to the event.
  4. Handpicked Presentations. We work throughout the year to find/select business innovators with great stories to share. These are videotaped and shared through online sharing. This is far from your standard YADA YADA conference. Instead, it is a time for innovators to share their insights on process innovation with others.
  5. Intimate. The Conference is a focused event for 85 business leaders and 35 technologists. By the end of the event, you will know over 100 innovators.
  6. Research Insights. To help companies gain insights from each other, we do a unique research study for the event. We are not an event company. As a result, the focus is on research insights.
  7. FUN! We believe learning should be FUN! We plan to pack the event with plenty of it.

We hope to see you at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit 2018. We are starting registration. Don’t delay, interest is high. There are only two seats left for technology providers.