Our research is grounded in reality. When we launch a research project, we ask for input on what to ask and work with our community to get the voice of supply chain leaders. We connect inputs from qualitative and quantitative studies to financial data that the supply chain leader can impact. This includes costs of goods sold, inventory management, working capital, asset utilization, revenue/employees, and effectiveness of R&D investments. We work to protect the identity of these leaders. Research integrity is at the core of what we do.

Our Latest Research
Check out our research results for download (reports and complete charts) and our plans for future research by going to our Recent Research Reports page. To access ALL of our reports please visit our Report Archives page.

Open Surveys
Take a look at our current Open Surveys page to see what we’re working on now. We’d greatly appreciate your participation in our surveys too – so please take any that apply to you. We promise to always share the results with you.