The Healthcare Value Chain and Implantable Devices with Karen Conway of GHX

By devsupplyinsights | July 29th, 2013

The processes in hospitals are highly manual. In many instances the stock is held in someone’s car and they drive it in the day of the case. Inventory is comingled and no one knows who owns it. These are the challenges that Karen Conway, Executive Director, Industry Relations at GHX shares with the audience in this episode of Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights.

Imagine how we are supposed to track what products are actually being used in a hospital with manual processes and no efficient system. The old saying is “If there is a recall in the hospital you better hope its peanut butter because we can track that better.” Hear Karen Conway, Executive Director of GHX discuss the many issues of the healthcare value chain and solutions for the future.  Lora Cecere asks Karen to share her insights on new technologies in healthcare that are promising and clarify where is the opportunity.  Karen shares the importance of breaking down silos and leveraging data analysis.

Hear more from Karen Conway on the Healthcare Value Chain panel discussion at the upcoming Supply Chain Insights Global Summit:


Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights – Podcast #38