Supply Chain Insights – Lora Cecere Talks About The Supply Chain Insights Global Conference

By devsupplyinsights | April 18th, 2019

Does the supply chain space need another conference? There are far too many today. Most follow a format of sponsors, paid speaking and booths. The same content gets hashed again over and over. In this podcast, Lora makes an argument for the need for a different kind of conference. One where business and technology leaders roll-up their sleeves together and imagine the supply chain of the future together. With 95% of the industry stuck at the intersection of cost, customer service, and inventory, Lora thinks that it is important to challenge the status quo. So if you are planning to go to industry events which often focus on functional excellence of source, make and deliver, consider stepping up to the plate to Imagine Supply Chain 2030 in an event designed for extreme networking of supply chain innovators. This year’s event is in Chicago on September 3rd-6th.