Metrics That Matter – The New Book by Lora Cecere

By devsupplyinsights | November 19th, 2013

Constance Korol interviews Lora Cecere on her latest forthcoming book Metrics That Matter. Hear an overview of what Lora is learning from interviewing supply chain leaders and how they doing to manage strength, balance and resiliency at their company.

Metrics That Matter, the forthcoming book from Lora Cecere is due out September 2014. In this episode, Constance Korol interviews Lora as she shares her insights on the premise of the book and what she has learned so far from interviewing supply chain leaders on managing strength, balance and resiliency.  She shares with the audience that the book will comprise of insights from 60 supply chain leaders including the metrics that matter the most for their industry and company. This will be the second published book for Lora Cecere, following Bricks Matter.

Find out more about Bricks Matter, the First Book From Lora Cecere and Charles Chase here:


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