Big Data with Steve DeAngelis of Enterra Solutions

By devsupplyinsights | August 22nd, 2013

Big Data: Where Do You Start?

Steve DeAngelis, Founder, President and CEO of Enterra Solutions, joins the Supply Chain Insights team to discuss his insights on Big Data. Hear how Steve and his company approach big data and help companies develop a plan when they don’t even know where to start. Steve talks us through their crawl, walk, run approach to get clients through the steps needed to evolve.

Constance Korol is your host as Lora Cecere interviews Steve DeAngelis Founder, President and CEO of Enterra Solutions on his perspective of Big Data. Steve tells us how companies typically do not know where to begin with harvesting Big Data. Once a use case is established, the crawl, walk, run approach is used to evolve.  This is a great opportunity to preview content that will be discussed in greater depth at the upcoming Supply Chain Insights Global Summit.

Hear from Steve and the Big Data panel at the 2013 Supply Chain Insights Global Summit:


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