Foot is Stepping off the Curb…

I had a great discussion this week with a supply chain leader on the launch of the training that coincides with the release of Bricks Matter on December 24th, 2012. He was excited.  After reviewing the slide deck that I had built for the upcoming IBF conference panel, he wanted to know more about Supply Chain Insights. He loved the slides and the research.

As we discussed the roll-out of the Bricks Matter training, he decided to include it in his planning for 2013. Like many supply chain leaders, talent development is on the top of his agenda. In his words, “We started our work on supply chain four years ago without a master plan.  We gathered thought leaders from different organizations and started the journey.  We duked it out.  We fought and pulled our way forward.  I cannot say that we are there yet. The team needs the training.  We need alignment.   Our feet have stepped off the curb, but are not ready yet to walk together across the street.” We are excited about the training.  If you would like more information about it, please contact

This is a big week for the team at Supply Chain Insights. On Wednesday, we get the page proofs back from the publisher. It will be three to four, time consuming days to finalize the layout of the 411 pages.  At the same time, it will be exciting to see the book come together. It will be the first time that I will see the 98,000 words of text with the 72 graphics.  Yowza! The book is on track to publish on December 24th. We have launched a special website for easy tracking of the book, book signings and press mentions and reviews.  Today, you can pre-order it on Amazon .

We are also busy finalizing the content for our second webinar. In this presentation, we will be sharing insights on the evolution of supply chain excellence in discrete industries.  You can sign up to hear the results on our website.  Or you can check out the results on  Plan now for our free monthly webinar series.  Upcoming webinars are listed here.

Research is at the core of what we do. Our fifth monthly newsletter will publish on November 5th. Contained within it will be three new reports. This will make 18 reports we have published at Supply Chain Insights. It is our goal to publish 25 by the end of the year. We will continue to publish the reports using the Open Content research model.

You can help us to help the industry by filling out surveys. Check out our Open Surveys page that outlines the surveys we have in the field, and give of your time. If you give us 10 minutes to fill it out, we will be glad to give you an hour to discuss the results.  It is just part of our “You scratch our back and we will scratch yours!” philosophy.

So, if your supply chain team has one foot off the curb and are ready to walk across the street to drive excellence in supply chain, we want to be your one-stop resource.

We take supply chain seriously.  We believe that good supply chain practices will save the world. Join us in our mission.

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