Driving Supply Chain Agility

Case Studies of Nine Techniques that Work

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This report is based on analysis of financial balance sheet and income statement data for the period of 2006-2014 and interactions with clients in the automotive industry in supply chain strategy engagements. The report applies the Supply Chain Index and the Supply Chains To Admire methodology to the automotive industry. In the analysis there are clear distinctions between automotive companies with European, Asian and North American heritages. The European-based companies are top performing with Audi making the Supply Chains to Admire listing for two consecutive years.


To use financial balance sheet and income statement data coupled with recent research to better understand the state of automotive industry supply chains.


The automotive industry struggled during the Great Recession and continues the bumpy ride of an ongoing boom-and-bust cycle. With current high growth levels, now is the time to reflect on the lessons of the 2007 recession and build a resilient and agile supply chain for the future.

Driving Supply Chain Agility from Lora Cecere

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