At Supply Chain Insights, we love to write about our research. We’re constantly learning from our interactions from clients, financial analyses, surveys, benchmarking, interviews, webinars, podcasts, and presentations and share our insights in our blogs. Check out our variety of blogs below and join the conversation:

  1. The Supply Chain Shaman – In Lora’s original blog, started in 2010, she takes on the hot issues facing supply chain professionals today, giving her unique opinion straight up.
  2. The Supply Chain Insights Global Summit blog – A variety of engaging blog posts from a diverse group of people, sharing their personal reactions to the innovative concepts being discussed at the Global Summit.
  3. LinkedIn Influencer – Lora has been participating in this invitation-only group of innovators since 2014, sharing her thoughts and experiences on top business issues.
  4. Forbes – In 2013 Forbes invited Lora to be a contributor to their highly-regarded blog series so that she could address the critical supply chain technology issues of the day.
  5. Metrics in Review – This blog takes a deeper look at the metrics that matter to supply chains and gives insights on how to improve on them.
  6. Bricks Matter – This blog chronicles Lora’s journey through the writing and promoting of her first book, Bricks Matter, published in 2012.