When clients want to engage directly to understand the future, advisory services are our answer. Advisory services typically come in three formats: strategy sessions, advisory engagements and tailored client programs. Need help formulating your supply chain strategy?  Seeking insights on the development of your Request for Proposal (RFP)?  Need someone to look for cool technologies for you?  Doing a session on the future of supply chain management? We would love to help you.

For a number of years now, the material produced by Lora and Supply Chain Insights has provided me with direction along our journey towards S&OP excellence. This is the work of a true strategist but more importantly an enthusiast for everything supply chain. Keep up the great work Lora. – D. Hunt, Director of Production Planning at ADHB

Strategy Sessions

Struggling with the next steps of a supply chain strategy? Looking to build a guiding coalition on the future state of supply chain? Make it actionable. Let Lora facilitate a session with your team.

Advisory Engagement

Advisory Engagement sessions allow clients to engage with analysts on their specific supply chain issues. Whether it is a review of a big presentation, a discussion on a specific technology, work with a client, or a discussion on supply chain strategy, an advisory package enables flexible engagement.

To schedule a briefing to understand more about our Advisory Services, please email Regina Denman or call her at 617-372-6921.