Supply Chain Insights IMPACT! The game supply chain leaders should play. Through this simulated game play participants gain an understanding of:

  • The value proposition of outside-in versus inside-out processes.
  • The impact of supply chain strategy on the balanced portfolio of Supply Chain Metrics That Matter.
  • The need for organizational alignment to seize opportunities and mitigate risk.

The game will debut at the 2017 Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. Following the conference, companies can contract to play Supply Chain Insights IMPACT! with their teams at strategy workshops, internal team training sessions, or workshops of 10-60 individuals.

Teams make critical decisions on supply chain strategy through simulated Sales and Operations Planning game play. The game is played in 45-minute rounds. Each round represents a month of supply chain planning simulation. In playing the game, the training objectives can be achieved through 3-10 rounds.

Supply Chain Insights IMPACT! Game Flyer

To schedule a briefing about Supply Chain Insights IMPACT!, or to arrange playing the game at your organization, please contact Regina Denman by email at or call her at 207-521-9176.