Supply Chain Insights On-Demand Webinars

Our past webinars are archived for use by you and your team. Feel free to download them and share them freely.

Moving Data at the Speed of Business
Is your business on its “back foot” when it comes to collecting and processing data indicating the status of your operations? Most organizations are. It’s time for supply chain leaders to take a huge step forward and learn to incorporate data from sources like GPS, telematics, sensors, mobile devices, twitter, and machine-to-machine data to accelerate supply chain decision making. Join this webinar to learn the opportunity and strategy to incorporate streaming data. 48 minutes – recorded on January 25, 2017

Moving Data at the Speed of Business – webinar – 25 JAN 2017 from Lora Cecere

Network of Networks – A Call to Action 
Interoperability, emerging technologies, and massive amounts of structured and unstructured data are the challenges that lie ahead for supply chain leaders. Without a common language and set of requirements, innovation will be hampered.  Join the new Network of Networks to be part of the future of supply chain and collaborate with colleagues from around the globe who are committed to improving the performance of supply chain technologies. – 46 minutes – recorded on January 11, 2017

Network of Networks – A Call to Action – webinar – 11 JAN 2017 from Lora Cecere

2016 Year in Review
2016 has meant huge changes for supply chain. Join us in this retrospective webinar where we review the last 12 months of research against market trends to glean what 2016 brought us and what we can expect from 2017. – 60 minutes – recorded on December 12, 2016

Supply Chain Insights Research – Year in Review – webinar – 14 DEC 2016 from Lora Cecere

Building a Guiding Coalition for Next-Generation Supply Chain Thinking
Isn’t it time you got the whole picture about your organization? Join us to learn about a new online course that aligns people, process and technology to seize the opportunity of next generation supply chain thinking. – 42 minutes – recorded December 6, 2016

Next-Generation Supply Chain Thinking – webinar – 6 DEC 2016 from Lora Cecere

The Journey to Supply Chain 2030
The future will be here faster than you think, and the speed at which supply chain is evolving means that to be ready for 2030 initiatives, improvements and investments must be made now. Learn which technologies will impact your business, what business models to embrace, and what staffing decisions to make to be ready for 2030. – 57 minutes – recorded November 16, 2016.

The Journey to Supply Chain 2030 – webinar – 16 NOV 2016 from Lora Cecere

What Is the Value of Demand Driven?
The Bullwhip Effect?  Know what it is? More importantly do you know how it affects your business?  Becoming a demand-driven supply chain means you can become more organized and efficient on both the demand and supply sides of inventory and materials.  Learn how to recognize and respond to demand signals to improve your operations in this panel webinar. –  57 minutes – recorded October 19, 2016

What Is the Value of Demand-Driven? from Lora Cecere

The Journey Towards Supply Chain Excellence. So What? Who Cares?
It’s the nature of supply chain leaders to be competitive and improve processes, however it’s not always their nature to know how to start and progress on the journey.  Often leaders think, “So What? Who Cares?” and accept the status quo. In this webinar we’ll discuss the reasons why this should be mission critical and how leaders can start on their journey towards improving performance.  57 minutes – recorded on September 21, 2016.

The Journey Towards Supply Chain Excellence. So What? Who Cares? – Webinar – 21 SEP 2016 from Lora Cecere

What Is the Customer-Centric Journey?
How do companies define and execute the customer-centric journey? Who is a customer, and how should companies tie customer segmentation strategies to policies? Join this webinar to gain insights from the latest research and hear from a panel of experts. – 49 minutes – recorded on August 17, 2016

What Is the Customer-Centric Journey – webinar -17 AUG 2016 from Lora Cecere

The 2016 Supply Chains to Admire
Not all supply chains are equal. Similarly, not all rankings of supply chain performance are equal.  In this webinar we will talk about the methodology used to rank the 2016 Supply Chains to Admire, and discuss the results with select winners from 2015 and 2016.  Join us to understand how to improve your performance using quantitative methods and hear from winners how they have achieved their success. – 42 minutes – recorded July 20, 2016


Using New Forms of Analytics
There is no debate that the amount of data collected by companies is increasing.  By tracking transactions, customer data, supplier costs, and other business metrics companies can understand what’s really happening inside the organization.  But how do you ensure you’re tracking the right data, and in the right way to create a winning strategy?  In this webinar we’ll bring together a panel of experts to share their thoughts around maximizing the value of big data. – 55 minutes – recorded on June 15, 2016


Network of Networks

Interoperability is a key to improving supply chain performance.  As disparate systems silo information about specific processes, a holistic picture about corporate health and performance is lost.  In this webinar we speak with experts that attended the Shaman’s Circle on Amelia Island in Florida with the sole purpose of discussing solutions to close the gap on inter-enterprise visibility by creating greater connectivity through business networks.  Attend this webinar to hear how supply chain leaders are thinking differently about connectivity. – 52 minutes – recorded on May 25, 2016


Supply Chain and the Autonomous World
The supply chain of the future will accelerate due to assistance from autonomous technologies and processes.  Join us for a webinar featuring special guests as they discuss the impact of technologies such as robotics, self-driving vehicles, wearable devices, cognitive learning, 3D printing and other evolutions on current and future supply chains.  This is a must-attend event for anyone that is thinking about how to “adopt to adapt.” – 57 minutes – recorded on April 13, 2016

Case Studies on the End-To-End Journey
From suppliers’ suppliers to customers’ customers, there are many nodes on an end-to-end journey.  There is both an art and science to optimizing the end-to-end journey, and in this panel webinar we heard examples and strategies from Keith Nash,  Vice President Process & Technology, Lennox Industries and Frank Vorrath, Vice President Global Supply Chain, Johnson Controls about how to improve the flow of a supply chain.  Listen to this recording to understand how companies like yours have defined supply chain excellence and managed suppliers through production to provide a superior customer experience.  – 53 minutes – recorded on March 30, 2016

Insights on Supply Chain Talent  
There is a shortage of talent in supply chain.  The industry continues to grow; however, senior leaders are on the brink of retirement and millennials are racing to gain the skills and knowledge to assume greater responsibility.  There is a large gap between supply and demand in the middle level of supply chain professionals.  In this panel webinar we’ll review suggestions for companies looking to retain and groom talent, as well as individuals looking for their next challenge.  Join us to gain more insight into the future of talent and the role you’ll take to close the gap. – 48 minutes – recorded on February 25, 2016

What Does Customer Service Mean?
Organizations often think they understand their customers, and engage with them in a manner they believe will provide a valuable service. However, through conversations with customers and customer research, we’ve learned that many firms miss the mark.  In this webinar we’ll speak to a panel of experts who will review the definition of customer service, how to understand customer needs, and how to design a customer service program that will deepen relationships with your customers. – 56 minutes – recorded January 20, 2016

Supply Chain Insights Year in Review.

What a wild year it’s been! We’ve brought you reports, infographics, podcasts and webinars to share data and opinion to transform your business. Join us for a lively panel discussion with supply chain experts as we share our portfolio of infographics from research studies and discuss what we’ve learned in 2015 and how we prepare for 2016.  – 58 minutes – recorded December 16, 2015.