Our goal is to conduct and openly share top-notch industry research among the supply chain community.  In order to do this, we count on supply chain professionals to participate in our surveys.  We know your time is valuable, so we work hard to make the topics interesting, the questions relevant and the survey as brief as possible.  Plus we promise to always share the results with you!

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Please take a look at our current open surveys below and participate in one today!  We greatly appreciate your time and opinions.

Supply Chain Risk Management Survey

Supply Chain Risk Management

  • The objective of this survey is to understand the current state of SUPPLY CHAIN RISK MANAGEMENT, the biggest drivers of risk, and the impact of supply chain disruptions.
  • This survey is designed for EVERYONE familiar with supply chain risk management, including manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers / distributors / co-operatives, third-party logistics providers, consultants, software providers, analysts, academics, etc.

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Inventory Optimization Technologies Survey

Inventory Optimization Technologies – What Is the Value Proposition?

  • The objective of this survey is to understand the value proposition of inventory optimization technologies, including user satisfaction and key benefits and barriers to using the technologies.
  • This survey is designed for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers / distributors / co-operatives, & third-party logistics providers. The questions simply won’t apply to other groups.

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Test the Maturity of Your Supply Chain

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More About Our Surveys

Your Privacy:  Your trust is important to us!  All responses will be reported in aggregate and your information will never be shared.

Getting the Results:  They will be published under the principle of Open-Content research  and will be available via our monthly newsletter, on our website (check out our most recent reports ), in the Beet Fusion Community and on SlideSharePlus if you take a survey, we’ll offer you and your team a one-hour phone call with us to review the results.

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