At Supply Chain Insights we take networking seriously. Each year we host an annual event to help supply chain leaders gain insights on new technologies and learn from Supply Chains to Admire leaders. This event is named Imagine and is held the first week in September.

Through the design of the event, we challenge the supply chain status quo to help companies think differently to drive new outcomes. We handpick speakers and livecast the event globally.

In addition, throughout the year we host smaller events to help companies tackle new technology pilots and drive innovation. The current focus is on building the Network of Networks. Each Network of Networks session is preceded by a Shaman’s Circle Meeting. The Network of Networks sessions are facilitated discussions between business and technology leaders, while the Shaman’s Circle sessions are limited to only business leaders.

Global Summit

Each year, in September, Supply Chain business leaders gather to Imagine the supply chain of the future at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. Now in its fifth year, the conference is designed to make companies think differently and drive new outcomes. This year’s event is at InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta on September 5-8, 2017.

The event is designed for networking and building a guiding coalition of attendees to share and learn together. Each speaker is hand-picked with a focus on the use of new technologies and organizational models to drive new opportunities.

Check out this year’s program and venue at our Global Summit website.

The Shaman's Circle

The Shaman’s Circle is an ongoing networking group that meets monthly via conference call to discuss pressing supply chain questions. These calls are complimentary and are limited to supply chain business leaders on an invitation only basis.

The agenda is designed by and for supply chain leaders. In addition, four times a year, the group meets face-to-face to work on specific opportunities. For the 2017 period we are testing the Network of Networks concept.

Spring 2017 Shaman’s Circle

Senior supply chain leaders want to talk to each other in a meaningful and personal way. They have found that big networking events don’t work, and they want an easy way to have a meaningful discussion about what is important to them. At Supply Chain Insights we understand this need and provide this opportunity. It is called the Shaman’s Circle. It is designed to be an intimate discussion of only business users (no consultants or technology providers).

This small gathering of senior supply chain leaders gives them a chance to network with peers and share common interests and case studies. This session will focus on supply chain visibility and the evolution of nonrelational/Software as a Service architectures.  This Shaman’s Circle will be followed by a facilitated workshop (both technology providers and business users) on the evolution of the “Network of Networks” (for more information see below). If you are interested in attending, contact Regina Denman. Join the next Shaman’s Circle: 

September 5, 2017
InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta

To receive more information on the program please contact Regina Denman at

Network of Networks

A “Network of Networks”

At the end of each Shaman’s Circle session we facilitate a joint session between business leaders and technology providers on the evolution of a “Network of Networks.” What is a network of networks? Today it is a vision. The dream is to have interoperability between networks. Why is it needed? Business leaders now manage a value chain, not a simple supply chain within their four walls. They need interoperability between networks and technology applications. They know that a traditional focus on standards and integration does not work, so the group will attempt to understand how new technologies can drive new levels of interoperability. This session is by invitation only and is estimated to be 50% technology providers and 50% business users.

What will be discussed? We have asked business leaders to prepare their use cases. Business leaders will share how they are trying to automate strategic relationships and supply chain interactions. They will define network visibility.

For the group the focus will be on the “HOW?” Many systems exist today and each acts as an island onto itself. As a result, clients are asking us how to improve interoperability between networks. We don’t think there is a good answer at present. It is for this reason we are hosting this facilitated workshop between technology providers and business users to discuss what the future might be. If you are interested in attending, contact Regina Denman.
Join the Network of Networks Session: 

September 5, 2017
InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta

November 30-December 1, 2017
Scottsdale, AZ

At each session, we will explore the possibilities to redefine network strategies using:

  • Blockchain
  • Open Source Apache Code: Hadoop, Spark and Cassandra
  • Community Registries
  • Interoperability through Cognitive Learning

To learn more, view our ‘Network of Networks: A Call to Action’ webinar.

To receive more information on the program please contact Regina Denman at