Driving a Customer-Centric Supply Chain


  • Report Details: The research for this report was conducted via an online survey from August 12 – October 14, 2016. Surveys were conducted among Manufacturers, Wholesalers/Distributors/Co-operatives and Third-Party Logistics Providers (n=56).
  • Objective: To determine how companies build a customer-centric supply chain and how well it is working for them.
  • Highlight: In this study, 80% of companies have a customer-centric strategy; yet the majority (54%) state that there is room for improvement to drive performance changes in their supply chain. Companies struggle to drive alignment and build constancy of purpose.

Full Report:

Driving a Customer-Centric Supply Chain – 7 NOV 2016 from Lora Cecere

Summary Charts:

Customer-Centric Study 2016 – Summary Charts from Lora Cecere