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It Ain’t Easy Being Easy!

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The level of sophistication in the consumer chain has advanced a thousand-fold in the past decade alone.  What was formerly a rather simple process of planning promotions has now become a complex blend of technology and skill at predicting consumer behavior. It hasn’t been too long ago that a typical consumer products manufacturer rep would replicate last year’s plan, make any adjustments for an account’s expanded stores, new markets, or new product launches, and dub it the new current year forecast. Why not? These guys were great at what they did. They knew their accounts, they had a great grasp…

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Think Differently. Drive New Outcomes. Let Us Help You Build A Guiding Coalition.

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Summer is ending. 2018 is right around the corner. Is it time to start to plan the new year? Forge a strategy?  Engage employees? At this time of year, we find many companies planning workshops to stimulate thinking on building a digital supply chain and igniting next-generation supply chain thinking. If this is you, we would like to offer to help. We have four opportunities for engagement. Here we share some insights. Benchmarking. How do you stack up to your peer group? To leaders that you admire? The first step to building a guiding a coalition is benchmarking.  Understanding where…

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Promotion Optimization: Artificially Speaking

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“Danger, Will Robinson!”  For those of my non-millennial colleagues who have seen reruns or even us Baby-Boomers who actually saw the show, the 1965-68 TV series Lost in Space produced some rather kooky, if not downright weird images. The now famous “B9” robot character would sound out this monotoned warning when it sensed a potential threat to his small companion, played by Billy Mumy. The late 1960’s version of an intended application of futuristic artificial intelligence (AI) certainly played its role well, running the entire ship and providing immediate real-time intelligence about the surrounding environment. We know from the already rapidly…

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