Open Content research is core to our values at Supply Chain Insights. We want you to benefit from the work we do and the insights we share. Here are all of our research reports, grouped by category, to help you easily find what you need:

  • Supply Chain Metrics That Matter – Our annual evaluation of companies within their industries based on supply chain performance, improvement, and value.
  • Quantitative Research  – Reports based on our online quantitative surveys, covering a wide range of topics including Sales & Operations Planning, customer-centric supply chains, talent, big data, team alignment, B2B methods, inventory management, and much more.
  • Putting Together the Pieces – A guide to help supply chain leaders select technologies.
  • Supply Chains to Admire – A regular report series that evaluates individual companies and their industry peer group on their performance against key financial metrics.
  • Research in Review – Our annual reports summarizing core learnings from our quantitative surveys over the past year.

Please feel free to use and share our research. All we ask for in return is attribution. They are published under this Creative Commons License and our citation policy is outlined here .

We also have a chronological archive of all our reports for you to peruse.