• Survey Details: The research for this report was conducted from August through October 2012. It is based on an online survey among 75 transportation professionals from over 50 companies.  They are transportation “users” (manufacturers, retailers and distributors, n=34) and “providers” (transportation providers, 3PLs, consultants, software providers, n=41) who manage (or clients manage) freight movement.
  • Objective: To understand how business complexity and supply chain maturity have affected the deployment of supply chain technologies to improve transportation management.
  • Hypothesis: Companies with tight margins and increasing complexity in transportation have matured their practices faster and have a lower cost of sales.


Full Report

State of Transportation: Where Are We on the Vision of Automation? – 7 NOV 2012 from Lora Cecere
  • Full Report (PDF) – click here
  • State of Transportation Study: Summary Charts (Aug-Oct 2012) – click here

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