Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Survey Details: The research for this report was conducted from July 13-21, 2015. Surveys were conducted among Manufacturers, Retailers, and Wholesalers/Distributors/Co-operatives with $500M+ in revenue or 750+ employees (n=125). Respondents were required to be familiar with supply chain risk management and have it be at least somewhat important to their company. Respondents were a mix of those in a supply chain role (n=37), those in a finance role (n=40) and others (n=43). All surveys were conducted using the ResearchNow B2B respondent panel.
  • Objective: To understand the current state of supply chain risk management and the impact of supply chain disruptions.
  • Highlight: When companies rate themselves as mature on risk management, they have two dominant characteristics:  1) leadership support and 2) financial supplier sensing.

Full Report

The Global Supply Chain Ups the Ante for Risk Management from Lora Cecere

Summary Charts

Supply Chain Risk Management 2015 Summary Charts from Lora Cecere


Supply Chain Risk Management – webinar – 10 AUG 2015 from Lora Cecere